Thursday, May 19, 2011

Operation Organize: Phase II, The Bathroom Counter

Ok, so this one is even more embarrassing than the last. Ugh. Why did I decide to reveal all my organizing short-comings. Oh well. No turning back now. ;)

So yeah, my bathroom counter. It wasn't exactly in good shape when Manny left (I meant to clean it back when he was on TDY, but whatever), and then once he left, it really went downhill from there. My bathroom counter ended up looking like a make-up and hair product bomb had gone off in there. And now, without anymore's the before picture.

Um, yeah. Horrible. I know. The easy part about this one was that most of this stuff does, in fact, have a just didn't live there. So I cleared everything off, put things back where they belonged, did a little rearranging....and voila!

I can feel y'all breathing a sigh of relief. ;) And the counter is even scrubbed clean (the mirror too!). You'd be surprised how gross a combination of dust, makeup, and hair can be. Ick! The only problem now is the cabinet under the sink. I did clean out and organize that as well but it was more a matter of stacking things neatly than actual organization, so I don't consider that "finished" yet. But hey, some progress is better than no progress! 

1 comment:

  1. i like your vera bradley makeup bag.
    and did i spy a houndstooth headband (or has houndstooth just taken over my life?)