Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Few Updates

I know I've been a little scarce...but life just keeps on rushing by!

First, two weekends ago myself and two other girls (one is a fellow blogger) hosted a bridal shower for our very dear friend!

My friend Nicole's mom made the cupcakes and they were wonderful!

Second, I decided to jump on the bandwagon with Lizy and do a "water week" last week. I did ok. My last "water week" was much more successful. Unfortunately, this week is a really crazy one so I'm trying to balance lots of water intake with enough caffeine to keep me awake through it all!

Third, this past weekend I jetted home for a bridal shower of my own! It was so much fun to be the guest of honor! (Not that I don't also love being the hostess. :) ) We got all sorts of really cool stuff and if any family is reading this blog could y'all pleeeeaaassseeeee post some pictures to Facebook!? :)

That's about all for now! Be back soon (hopefully!).

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