Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home Office Help

Last weekend, our good friend and roommate moved out. As much as we're going to miss him, I have very much been looking forward to having a whole other room (complete with ginormous closet) to expand into. I've been fully convinced for the last year that the biggest challenge to keeping our house neat and organized was the fact that we simply did not have enough room. That being said, moving stuff into this room in a neat and organized fashion is a slightly bigger task than I anticipated. I've already cleaned the carpets, moved the desk/computer upstairs, and set up the television. But now I'm kind of stuck. I really want to move stuff in here and get it out of other rooms (our bedroom in particular) but I'm afriad of ruining this lovely space with clutter! My biggest concern is the "home office" type stuff. I need a good way to organize papers and envelopes and such. Of course, I looked to Pinterest for help, but that made me feel even more overwhelmed! ;) Everything on there is so crafty and cute and perfect.

Any of you fantasticly organized people (or even recovering clutterbugs like me?) have any advice or ideas?

Until then, here's my to do list for this room:
- clean bathroom
- move extra bath products into bathroom
- move luggage into closet
- move wedding presents into room
- put away summer clothes
- find space for winter hats and scarves

I'm sure there's more, but that's it for now!

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  1. I have a bookshelf (from Ikea, but I'm sure you can find a cheapish one at Target) that is half books and half office supplies. I used some old plastic bins (of all sizes) and organized my stuff into them. Paper is all stacked together. Random cords are coiled and tied with twist ties. Craft stuff is in bins.

    I also use binders and folders (well labeled of course!) to keep track of loose and easily misplaced things. I bought a small, plastic filing cabinet (more like a box), got some hanging and manila folders at work, and put everything where it needed to go. Now as soon as I get a bill or something from work, it goes into the right file. I never let paper build up on my desk.

    It's certainly not pretty or very crafty, but I didn't spend much money and I know where everything is.