Monday, October 31, 2011

October Goal Review

my pumpkin (sorry for the crummy picture) ;)

I was a little nervous about reviewing my goals this month because I've been super busy and haven't even glanced at my goals since I wrote them. But...I actually managed to get a couple accomplished! Read on for details! ;)

1. Find some motivation and get back into the workout/running swing.
I did ok with this. I ran twice last week, but that was the most I've run all month. I hope to run or workout 3 - 4 times per week during November.

2. Organize the cabinet under our sink. 
I don't know what it is about this goal, but I can not seem to get it done. Here's hoping for November?

3. Organize our closets after the roommate moves out.
I totally did this! Manny's closet still needs a little more work but it's not more than about 20 minutes of work! :)

4. Pick a photo challenge and begin working on it.
I did not do this. Not even a little. :(

5. Order wedding cake and groom's cake.

6. Begin dress alterations. (for my wedding dress)
Done! I brought the dress in, got fitted, and will be picking it up at the end of November!

7. Switch out summer/winter clothes.
DONE! :)

8. Write three letters. 
I only wrote one.

Did you set goals this month? How did they turn out?

And Happy Halloween!