Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Goals

It's October! It feels like fall! Manny is coming home soon-ish! This all makes me really happy and I'm really hoping that this gives me motivation to stick to my goals this month!

1. Find some motivation and get back into the workout/running swing.
2. Organize the cabinet under our sink.
3. Organize our closets after the roommate moves out.
4. Pick a photo challenge and begin working on it.
5. Order wedding cake and groom's cake.
6. Begin dress alterations.
7. Switch out summer/winter clothes.
8. Write 3 letters.

I know my goals are a little random, but hey, I'm a little random. ;) I know this is much shorter than my usual goals post but I think most of my goals are pretty self explanatory. :) Also, I've had trouble finding the motivation to blog so I figured I'd keep it short and sweet.

Have a great October!

1 comment:

  1. #4 sounds like fun! My hubby gets home this month too. I am SO excited!