Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Goal Review

I kept my goals pretty simple this month since I knew I would be incredibly busy. (Though I'm pretty sure I still wasn't very prepared.) I did manage to complete some goals, but those were mostly the ones that were going to happen whether or not they were goals. ;)

1. Share Thanksgiving with friends who are like family.
2. Put together a couple cross-stitch projects that have been stitched, just not finished. Not even close.
3. Put together Christmas gift list.
4. Start Christmas shopping.
5. Put up Christmas tree. We even got a new one!
6. Give cookies to neighbors. Maybe later... 
7. Order rehearsal dinner food.
8. Purchase attendant gifts for wedding.

Maybe one of my 2012 goals should be to do better on my monthly goals. Maybe I should just keep saying the word goal?


  1. @michelle thanks! they weren't really good ones. i hope to get more ambitious in january!