Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Goals

Omg! November is here!!! I'm getting married next month! Woohoo! November is going to be full of happy, exciting things and I'm so so so happy to get it started! I love this season right before Thanksgiving and Christmas where everyone gets all happy and holiday-like. ;) It's my very favorite time of year, and I plan to fully enjoy it! But anyway, we're here to talk about goals! ;)

1. Share Thanksgiving with friends who are like family. 
2. Put together a couple cross-stitch projects that have been stitched, just not finished.
3. Put together Christmas gift list.
4. Start Christmas shopping.
5. Put up Christmas tree.
6. Give cookies to neighbors.
7. Order rehearsal dinner food.
8. Purchase attendant gifts for wedding.

So there you have it! November goals! Some of them are kind of cheat goals, but whatever, they're my goals. :)

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