Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Goal Review

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I feel like I did ok with my year-long goals this year. Just ok. I seemed to have trouble with goals a lot this year. But alas, I'm still insist on making them so at least I'm persistent, right? Right.

2011 Goal Review:
1. Read 25 books. Um, yeah. Not even close. I didn't get much farther than 7 and kind of forgot to keep track after that. I did a lot of re-reads this year. Re-reading favorite books is like my comfort food. Here's to more reading in 2012!

2. Make a Master Birthday Calendar. Hey! I actually did this. I stalked friends and family on Facebook and put everyone's birthday in my computer calendar (complete with reminders). This will help with one of my 2012 goals....

3. Hit my persoanl savings goal. I did this, but not quite the way I would have liked. I'd like to make some new savings goals for the new year. :)

4. Start and Finish 10 Cross Stitch Projects. HA! I think I started about 10, and finished about 2. Sigh. Here's to more crafting in 2012!

5. Run a 1/2 marathon. Totally did this!...and blogged about it!

6. Obtain my CSCS certification. This was something for work (sort of) and I totally didn't do it. Maybe next year...

Ok, so I didn't do quite as bad as I thought but I still would like to hit a few more goals in 2012. Though I guess I did have a lot going on with the deployment and wedding planning and all. :) Hopefully 2012 will be an even better year than 2011! :)

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