Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Goal Review

Ok, let's just say that June kicked my ass and that I failed miserably on my goals. Seriously, I'm not even going to go over them because the only thing I did was update my savings sidebars and send out my Save the Dates. Sigh. If you really want to see how miserably I failed, you can original June Goals post here.

But now, on to bigger and better things, like July. :) I'm sure you'll notice tomorrow that I'm just going to be bumping a lot of June Goals because they still need to get done! So ta-ta until tomorrow! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catching Up

I finally feel like I've caught up a little bit. The last couple weeks have been so so busy and I've just been running around like a crazy person. Last night when I got home from work I felt a little sick and then when I woke up today I felt even worse. So I spent pretty much all day relaxing and napping to try and feel better. I do feel a bit better and am hoping I can get back to "normal" life I little bit this week. And hopefully that means more blogging!!! Hope to see y'all soon!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm not lost...

...I've just been insanely busy. That seems to be a theme these days doesn't it. :)

Well, I went home for a week. Yes, an entire week. I had an athletic training conference to go to, and my work schedule worked out to allow me to go home several days early to try and knock out some wedding planning. And knock it out we did!

- booked a florist (only after meeting with two different ones)
- visited the bakery to view and taste cake
- looked at invitations
- made my sister try on bridesmaids dresses
- visited the reception site
- and potentially found a hair stylist

As usual, there was some insanity involved. First, one of the florists (the one I actually ended up going with anyway) called me Thursday afternoon to say that if I didn't call them back, there were going to assume I wasn't coming to my appointment. Um, what?! I had just talked to them Wednesday morning so I was a little confused. I called back immediately (I got the message when my plane landed) and told the woman that I was absolutely planning on attending my appointment. She then said that I needed to go online and fill out the form so they knew which kinds of flowers to show me. I reminded her that I had alreday done this the night before as she had already asked me to on Wednesday. Apparently it got misplaced. I was kind of irritated by that already, but then I get a text message from the same woman Thursday night asking if I can change my appointment to 10am. I couldn't because I had tons of other appointments alreday scheduled that day. She then asked if I could come at 4pm. No, I can't. All of this is through text and in the middle of my sister's dance recital where I am running back and forth between the dressing room and my seat trying to help my sister get dressed and then get back in time to video the performance. So finally I find a 10 minute break and call this woman. I ask her directly, and as nicely as I could muster, if she had double booked my time. She said no, that she had a family emergency. Sounds fishy, but whatever. She asks if I'm available on Saturday and we finally settle on Saturday at 1pm. We ended up having an appointment with the owner, who we weren't sure of at first, but she showed up some really beautiful flowers and her personality did wind up winning us over in the end. :)

What has everyone else been up to lately?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Say it with me...

...slacker. Ok, not really. I've actually been incredibly busy and it's not going to slow down any time in the next week or so! I'm leaving to go out of town for a whole week and am busy trying to get everything ready and work extra shifts and Skype with Manny and do make-up dog obedience classes (since we'll be missing one Saturday) and I need to pack and do laundry anyone else tired yet? And my trip is going to be super busy too, wedding planning plus athletic training convention....ahhhh!!!! Ok, I'm going to go do some packing before I freak out. I'll probably be missing my regular posts but I'll try to post some fun updates!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

pretty flowers I got a couple days before Manny left

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh Monday, How I Loathe Thee

So, Monday, not my favorite. Especially since my new schedule requires me to be at work for about 6:50am. Gross. So yesterday I woke up (25 minutes late, not a good start), got ready for work and raced out the door. I noticed when I put on my pants that these were the same pants whose zipper I had broken last week. I mean, it wasn't broken broken, just a little broken, so I figured it would be ok.

I arrive at work at 7 on the dot, just seconds from actually being late, and after a few minutes of discussing a patient with a colleague realize that my pants, will not in fact, stay zipped on their own. Grrr. To top it off, my first patient of the day is a particularly inappropriate gentleman, who I really don't want to have to treat when my pants won't stay zipped.

Luckily, I had time to try and fix my pants before he arrived. I went to the storage room and got some particularly sticky tape (unfortunately, not athletic tape as I was in the clinic, but it was McConnell tape for those of you keeping score), went to the bathroom and taped my zipper into place. Sadly, this is not the first time I've used some sort of medical tape to fix my pants.

Ok, so it worked pretty well, but as some of you may know, I have to pee a lot. So everytime I had to go use the bathroom yesterday, it took like twice as long because I had to untape, and then retape my pants. Sigh. The moral of the story? I need to buy new pants, like today. I have a couple other pairs, but they too are on their last legs (pun intended).

Well that's all for today, but coming soon....
Budget Stuff, Our How We Met Story (yeah, I know, this has taken forever), and surely some other random stuff...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Goals

Starting this past December, I began making a list of monthly goals and posting them here. I find that posting goals on my blog helps keep me a little more accountable. :)

So, June, wow. 2011 really is flying by at an alarming rate. But like I said before, now that Manny's gone, it can fly by all it wants. 

My initial spurt of excitement regarding organizing has died down a bit (unfortunately) but there is still a lot to be done! My June goals are definitely going to reflect some household goals.

1. Organize our bedroom closets. Some of you may remember that this was a goal in March! Yeah, it's time to get it done!

2. Organize the linen closet. Ok, so this is going to take all of about 25 minutes but it still needs to be done!

3. Read some books! I'm terribly behind on my 2011 Goal of reading 25 books this year!

4. Do some cross-stitching! Not only did I not finish the project from last month's goals, I'm behind on my 2011 Goal of completing 10 cross-stitch projects!

5. Update sidebars. They are hopefully behind. :(

6. Send out Save the Dates! This should be easy since I plan on getting them out in the next week but just to make sure I have even more accountability than my mothers and fiance, I'm putting it down here.

Ok, I think that's enough goals for now. Did you set goals for June?

Ps, sorry for the lack of pictures lately...I just wanted to hurry and get this up!