Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Goal Review

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I feel like I did ok with my year-long goals this year. Just ok. I seemed to have trouble with goals a lot this year. But alas, I'm still insist on making them so at least I'm persistent, right? Right.

2011 Goal Review:
1. Read 25 books. Um, yeah. Not even close. I didn't get much farther than 7 and kind of forgot to keep track after that. I did a lot of re-reads this year. Re-reading favorite books is like my comfort food. Here's to more reading in 2012!

2. Make a Master Birthday Calendar. Hey! I actually did this. I stalked friends and family on Facebook and put everyone's birthday in my computer calendar (complete with reminders). This will help with one of my 2012 goals....

3. Hit my persoanl savings goal. I did this, but not quite the way I would have liked. I'd like to make some new savings goals for the new year. :)

4. Start and Finish 10 Cross Stitch Projects. HA! I think I started about 10, and finished about 2. Sigh. Here's to more crafting in 2012!

5. Run a 1/2 marathon. Totally did this!...and blogged about it!

6. Obtain my CSCS certification. This was something for work (sort of) and I totally didn't do it. Maybe next year...

Ok, so I didn't do quite as bad as I thought but I still would like to hit a few more goals in 2012. Though I guess I did have a lot going on with the deployment and wedding planning and all. :) Hopefully 2012 will be an even better year than 2011! :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December Goal Review

I know it's a little early, but I only had two goals this month. And had they not been accomplished it would mean that something serious had gone down. :) Fortunately for all of us, I completed both goals this month with flying colors.

1. Get married.
2. Have an awesome time on our honeymoon.

I even managed to get several other things accomplished this month!

1. I officially changed my name.
2. I bought and wrapped all of Manny's Christmas presents in one afternoon.
3. Had a lovely Christmas with friends.

December was pretty nice if I do say so myself. And because I love y'all so much, a pre-wedding photo. ;) I haven't decided how many (if any) of the professional pictures I'm going to post, but here is one my step-mom took while we were getting ready.

bridesmaids and mom trying to get me in my dress :)

Hope everyone had a great December!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Story, Part II: Facebook or something...

If you missed it, last Monday I posted Our Story, Part I. We all know how it ends but the beginning is pretty fun. :) Enjoy!

As the plane lands and then taxis towards the gate I sit still and do not gather any of my belongings. I was determined to wait until the last possible minute to get off that plane in hopes that the cute guy next to me would give me some sort of opening to give him my phone number, email address,...anything. After slowly gathering my things and walking silently off the plane (damn it, why didn't I just grow a set and give him my number?!), I realize that cute boy from the plane has stopped and was searching in his wallet for something. I stop too (Why? I have no idea. I think I was wracking my brain for a last ditch attempt to give him my number) and kind of just stand there awkwardly for a second. He says, "Well, Miss Christine, it was nice to talk to you." I said it was nice to talk to him too and told him to have a safe flight back to Dayton. He hands me a piece of paper and says "Here, if you want you can look me up on Facebook or something."

Before you judge him too harshly, just wait and see what I do when I get home...

As I turn to walk away, I look down to see what it is he has given me. Turns out, have gave me a luggage receipt...with his name on it!!! YES!!! I immediately call my mom to tell her about how I met this adorable guy on the plane. As I'm going on and on about how cute he was and how we talked for the whole plane ride, I pass him walking the other way...embarassing! Hope he didn't hear me! But he was on the phone too so maybe he didn't hear me.

I found out later that he was on the phone telling his mom about me! Bahahaha.

I finally make it to my car and drive the hour and fifteen minutes to the town I lived in at the time. The first thing I did when I got home?...looked him up on Facebook and sent a friend request. :)

I also learned later that the friend request popped up on his phone as soon as he landed in Dayton. Good thing he was already pretty interested in me too or I could have looked like a real stalker. ;) My excuse was is that I wanted to make sure I didn't lose the receipt before looking him up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

What happened next is kind of a blur. We talked through Facebook for just under a week, messaging each other almost daily (if not more). Finally, he finally asked for my phone number and asked if I would mind if he gave me a call (he's such a Southern gentleman). I could barely contain my excitement and that night when my phone rang with a strange area code popping up on my Blackberry. I literally made myself stop and take a deep breath before answering. We talked for over 3 hours that night before realizing that we both had to work in the morning. I have no idea what we talked about.

Stay tuned...Our Story continues next week!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Secret Santa Preview

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my awesome Secret Santa! It was Brittany from over at Aviation of Love. She got me some awesome stuff from Bath and Body Works. I'll have to take a better picture later but for now you're all stuck with this crappy iPhone picture that doesn't really show anything. Bahaha.


I have never been a "backup my computer every so many weeks" kind of person. Even after watching the Sex and the City episode where Carrie loses everything on her computer, I didn't ever feel the need to create a backup system. At work, I very recently started typing up some of my documentation at the high school (rather than hand writing it). When I left for the wedding, everything was fine. Then I come back to work today and the USB drive is complete toast. The computer won't even recognize that something is in there! I took it to our IT people and "it's toast" was the general concensus. :( Thankfully, I've only started doing stuff electronially within the last month so I really didn't lost all that much. But it's still a pain and it's still documentation that I really need to have record of. :/ I think until I figure out a failsafe method I'm going back to paper. Though I should probably start keeping that in a fire safe box.....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Handmade Gifts

I love the idea of homemade and handmade gifts. Unfortunately, my projects rarely become actual gifts and sit, half completed, in a box somewhere in my house. I have probably 5 cross stitched gifts that have been stitched but not put together. :( I've also pinned lots of stuff on Pinterest that I would love to make and send as gifts...but I haven't even tried.

This year I've been really good at blaming Manny's homecoming and the wedding for distracting me but truthfully, I've never been successful at completing handmade gifts. But I really want that to change in 2012! I've gotten a bit better at other things I've been historically bad at (such as sending birthday cards/gifts on time) so maybe I can change this too! I would love to be able to make gifts, and ones that people will actually like!

Here's my list of things to try this year:
1. Hand sewn little girl dresses.
2. DIY Bath Fizzies
3. DIY Soy Candles
4. Recipe Jars

I'm sure there are others but that's all for now!

Do y'all handmake gifts? What have you had success with?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Story, Part I: Why I Believe in Fate

Ok y'all! Here it is...the first of I don't know how many! I haven't finished writing all of the parts yet, but I'll post them each Sunday until I'm done. Enjoy!

Unlike many love stories, ours has a very definitive beginning. There was no friends first, no knowing each other for a while before realizing this guy I already knew was really awesome, no bumping into an old friend years later. Once we met, that was it. Our fall was fast and as close to love at first sight as I believe can happen in real life.

 In June 2009, I decided to take an impromptu trip home for Father's Day to surprise my dad. (He was super surprised by the way, and it was awesome.) I took this trip completely on a whim and didn't even buy a plane ticket until two days before I left. I spent the whole weekend relaxing with my family and it was wonderful. It was the first time in my adult life that I can remember being completely unattached and perfectly content with my life.

Also in June 2009, Manny was at home for a pre-deployment visit with his family. He had spent 10 days in New Orleans visiting with family and reconnecting with old friends before his first deployment.

We both happened to book 7am, Monday flights out of New Orleans (really? who does that?).  Apparently someone noticed me first in the TSA line (as it turns out, I have "nice legs" ;) ) and again when we were waiting at the gate for our plane (I swear he's not a stalker). I got on the plane first and got settled into my seat. As the rest of the passengers were boarding the plane, I kept my eye out for my potential seat mate. I always tend to get stuck with rather large, oftentimes smelly, people. So when this cute guy starts walking down the aisle, I notice him but am sure that there's no way he's sitting next to me. Life could not be that fair. As he gets closer, I notice that he's fumbling with his things a little bit and almost dropped his computer. I think to myself "poor guy, he looks a little frazzled." Before I know it, he's telling me he's in the seat next to me and I stand up to let him get to the window seat. He sits down and says "Hi, how are you this morning." I said "Hello" and that I was "fine, thank you."

I found out (much) later that the reason he was fumbling with his stuff and almost dropped his computer was because he freaked out a little when he realized the girl whose legs he'd been tracking through the airport was, in fact, sitting next to him on the plane.

We made more small talk as everyone got settled and the plane taxied down the runway. We quickly found out that we were both from New Orelans and had graduated high school in the same year (but from different schools, of course). We had a shared interest in Apple and he asked me if the giant book sticking out of the seat pocket in front of me was the latest Harry Potter. (Of course it was, duh.) We talked about everything from our careers to our families and I remember thinking, as the plane made it's way far too quickly towards Atlanta, of how I could give him my phone number or email address without looking like a complete loser. We literally talked for the entire flight. It's not that long of a ride, but seriously, who talks on a 7am flight? As the flight was descending into Atlanta, I distinctly remember wracking my brain for ideas on how to give him my information. I didn't even know his name! How would I ever talk to him again!? This guy was so cute and so nice and....oh well, I guess I'll never see him again....

from the Mrs.

Hey y'all! We're officially married! And we'll be home sooner rather than later! I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season and I'll be back for real in a few days!

Friday, December 9, 2011


1. If you're my secret Santa partner and I haven't said thank you I'm so sorry! We have been out of town for our wedding and will be back soonish!

2. I'm so glad my secret Santa liked her gift! I'm totally doing this again next year.

3. I had big plans to schedule posts for while we were gone for the wedding but...yeah, I got really busy. I promise to come back with lots of fabulous wedding stories!

4. I'm getting married like REALLY soon!!!!!!! :D

See y'all on the flip side!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Goals

I don't have many goals this month. We have some really important stuff going on so I'm just going to focus on that. ;)

1. Get married.
2. Have an awesome time on our honeymoon.

Done! I'm not committing myself to anything else, or I may have to be committed! (bahaha)