Wednesday, January 11, 2012


That's how far along I am in my 2012 Goal of running 500 miles. 0.25%. It's not a typo or a miscalculation. I should also remind myself that it's only January 10 and I have many more days of running ahead of me. And that yesterday was the first day I have done any physical activity since....ohhhh, probably late November. :) I went to one of the gyms on base yesterdayday (yay, I can finally go on my own!) and warmed up on the elliptical and then ran 1.25 miles. :) I was only going to run 1, but then figured the extra .25 wouldn't kill me. Honestly, I really enjoyed it and can't wait to go again. Though I'm fairly certain that half the reason I'm so excited to go to the gym is because of my awesome new shoes.
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Yes, they are bright. Yes, they are awesome. :) Yes, they are omgsocomfortable. I know the Nike Free Run's aren't for everyone. I know lot of people need more support for running and other stuff, but my feet love these shoes. And, you know, they're pink. (This pictures actually subdues the color a little, think highlighter pink) ;)

In other news, when I got home from the gym I finished making some cake pops for my cousin and ate two in the process. Sigh. So much for my 1.25 miles. Better luck next time.

Oh, and if you want to see these irresistable cake pops, check back later this week! :)


  1. I'm so glad to see so many new posts from you! It's like a little treat for my mornings :)

    How are those shoes support wise? I always wonder with the lightweight foam and the sectioned bottoms! But I do love love love the color ;) I have highlighter green running shoes and it really does make a difference in my running mood ;p

  2. @Reese thank you! that's so sweet! i think they lack a little in the traditional "support" but that's what i was trying to get away from. and yes, color totally matters!