Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blue & White Cake Pops

I made these for my cousin who is having a baby. I think they came out super cute and am not too sad to report that there are were several left at my house. :)

Made with: chocolate cake/chocolate icing (Pillsbury store bought)
Covered with: blue candy melts, white nonpareils

*Note: The cake was a little too moist than I like for cake pop purposes. Even after it chilled overnight the balls were super soft. They turned out fine anyway, it just made things a little more difficult. My husband, however, claimed that these were the best ones yet.
can you tell if she's having a boy or a girl? ;)
in their "treat boxes"
Oh, did I not mention that she lives back in Louisiana and that I had to ship them to her? Yeah, minor complication. This was my first attempt at shipping so I hope she lets me know if my method worked! Truth be told the shipping was a little more than I expected but it's kind of my fault. You see, I made the cake Sunday, rolled it Monday, and did not dip the pops until Tuesday! So I was not about to have them "maybe" arrive on Friday. So I shipped it Express Mail. Oh well. Maybe next time I'll get them completed in one day and I won't have to ship them overnight. :)

I packed them in these treat boxes with parchement paper (4 to a box). I then put them in a box and surrounded them with bubble wrap and plastic grocery bags. I hope they made it ok!


  1. They were quite delicious if I do say so myself! :)