Thursday, January 19, 2012

I ♥ Blogging...

...and apparently so do my friends. I realized recently that quite a few of the ladies I hang out with in real life are also now blogging friends! So I thought it would be fun to write a post highlighting my fabulous and talented friends.

Lizy started blogging in June 2009 as a project for school. After graduating she decided to keep it up, and started Adventures of an Unemployed Librarian in February 2010. Since then, it has transitioned to Adventures of a Newly Employed Librarian and finally Adventures in Life, Love, and Librarianship. (P.S. She's an awesome cook (and my BFF) and posts tons of recipes!)

Nicole is the newest blogger among my friends. She is a student of Social Work who is using her blog to chronicle her journey through writing her book. Please note that her blog is home to some heavy material. Her blog is called The Art of Leaving.

Jess started her blog, Incredible Moments of That One Girl, in April 2011. She is nearly always happy and upbeat and shares tons of pictures. Jess is the quintessiential lifestyle blogger who tells us all about her life as she's living it.

Bre (aka Sugarbell) has had a couple different blogs but her most current is A Not So Small Town Housewife. Bre is a soon-to-be mommy blogger who tells us all about her adventures in cooking, organizing, and preparing her house and her life for her precious baby girl.

I hope y'all will click on over and give these ladies some love!

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