Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Years Eve Cake Pops

As you may have recently read, I'm newly obcessed with cake pops. I decided that we absolutely must have these at our New Years Eve party and they must match the decorations (duh!). I had plans for this to be my first cake pop recipe/how to post. But as I went to write it, I realized that I had no idea which cake recipe I used. Which sucks for me because that cake was awesome. So, here's the details to the best of my recollection and I promise to do better next time. :)

Cake Used: White Cake
Icing Used: storebought Pillsbury vanilla
Dipped In: Make n' Mold Dark Chocolate Candy Melts, Make n' Mold White Candy Melts
the frontmost pop is the result of me dumping all the leftover sprinkles on the
 last pop. and guess what, it's my favorite one!
oh i miss those dark chocolate ones *drool*
So those (above) are my crappy iPhone pictures and then Manny totally upstaged me by taking these beautiful pictures of them as they were displayed for our party. It's ok, because they look great. :)

notice the awesome platter? wedding gift. :)

Ok, I think I have to go make more cake pops now. 


  1. These look terrific! I love the metallic sprinkles. Perfect for NYE!