Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh the calamity!

Ok, I was literally talking to Lizy about this the other day. Well, not this particular incident but the fact that I hadn't done anything calamity worthy in a while. I swear that every time we talk about this, something insane happens. (Lizy, no more mentioning the fact that I haven't been calamitous in a while!) Anyway, the title of the post really should be, "How I Managed to Get Confused Going Through an Automated Car Wash." Yep, yesterday I was that idiot blonde girl who everyone glared at because I was holding up the line at the automated car wash. I swear I'm actually really smart.

So here's what went down. I bought a car wash while getting gas a couple weeks ago but didn't have time to use it (the code is good for 30 days). A few days later I did have time so I was going to run by real quick. And it snowed for like 2 days last week and my car was completely white from the salt. :/ So I drive up to the car wash thing and there's another car in there so I just sit and wait my turn. There are these doors that close when the other car goes in and I was waiting for them to open before proceeding (mistake #1). Apparently you have to go up and punch your code in before the doors will open. Well I was so flustered from waiting for 5 minutes (all the while thinking, omg, this is the longest freakin car wash ever, what is that guy doing in there?) that I forgot to answer the apparent myriad of questions after punching in my code (mistake #2). Apparently the guy behind me realized my mistake and got out of his car and finished what I had started so I could go through the wash. So I roll forward a little bit (mistake #3) then put my car in neutral. Nothing happens. I roll forward a little more, then put it in neutral again (mistake #4). Nothing happens. Just as I'm starting to get a little anxious, the guy behind me is yelling at me to put it in neutral through my back window. I scream back that it is in neutral! Finally, I'm ready to give up. I put my car in reverse and back most of the way out of the car wash. Then, deciding to give it one more try, I put my car back into neutral and the friggin thing finally starts working. I am now profusely sweating, very embarassed and could not give less of a shit whether or not my car is clean.

I'm exhausted, and will probably never go through an automated car wash ever again. But wasn't that entertaining? ;)


  1. Sonds like you need to find a more user friendly carwash :( they really are worth it if you find one that plays nice

  2. I will never ever mention your lack of calamity again. Because this is a super embarrassing (read: hysterical) way to reintroduce calamity into your life.

  3. me and you. this kind of stuff always happens to me and you. but at least you're blonde, so you have an excuse. ;)