Sunday, February 5, 2012

29 Day Organizational Challenge: Plan of Attack

When I decided to do this challenge and posted the before pictures. I really had no concept of how I was going to get this done. So at the end of the week, I sat down and thought about how I'm going to truly declutter and organize this room! The last few are a little vague, but I didn't want to get too specific before I even get into the project. So here goes!

Plan of Attack:
1. Clear out trash, cups, and other things that don't belong.
2. Go through clothing and donate/throw away what we don't wear.
3. Purchase/make bedskirt and curtains.
4. Organize closets.
5. Organize bathroom counter/sink.
6. Possibly rearrange furniture.

This week I hope to accomplish #1 and #2. I've already taken all the cups and stuff down to the kitchen, now I just need to go through and throw away receipts and other random things that like to collect in our bedroom.

Hope everyone is making good progress on their projects!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! now if i can just stick to it! ;)

  2. Christine-

    I love how you broke down your plan! I am going to do the same for my challenge! Thanks for the tip!!


  3. How wonderful to make a list! I might need to do that, I am sure it would help. I kinda just jumped into the mess and started tossing. I get stalled sometimes and think what in the world next. I bet a list would help with that. Keep up the great work!