Sunday, February 26, 2012

29 Day Organizing Challenge: 3rd Progress Link-Up

Even though I'm a few days late, I do have some good progress to report! Even though my organizing project has not gone exactly as planned, it has spurred hubby and I into an organizing frenzy. We have been working on cleaning and organizing the whole house and the living room, in particular, looks great. The not so great news is that only the bedroom and bathroom are part of the challenge. ;) There's still quite a bit of work to be done there but it's getting better! Hubby cleaned all the upstairs carpets yesterday and today I'm tackling a junk pile in our bedroom and then getting started on at least one of the closets.

This challenge hasn't exactly whipped my bedroom into organizing bliss, but it has gotten us in a good habit of cleaning and organizing our house as a whole. Of course there is still lots of work to be done but at least we're making progress!

Sorry for the lack of pictures (again) but there will, of course, be some for the final link up!

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