Friday, March 23, 2012

Accidental Barefoot Runner

Wednesday night is date night. It's the only night that I'm guaranteed to get off work at a reasonable hour. Usually we go out for sushi because sushi is amazing. Anyway...Wednesday night I left work a little late and didn't get home until almost 6:30. Manny was in the garage building something and so I went inside to primp a little bit until he was done. I was about halfway through changing, wearing only skinny jeans and a white tank top when I hear this loud banging on the front door. I go downstairs and realize I have accidentally  locked Manny out of the house. As I go to open the door the dogs rush forward and before I can say "Watch out, Ella's going to get out"...she was out.

I think I need to take this time to say that when Ella gets out she thinks it's a big game. She doesn't run very far or very fast...until you get close enough to catch her. But she doesn't exactly come when called either. So you kind of have to chase her if you don't want her to get hit by a car. I digress.

As soon as she was out I took off after her. Barefoot, wearing only skinny jeans and a white tank top (the kind that's supposed to be worn under another shirt). I'm sure I looked really classy. After running a big loop around our complex, she left the relative safety of the gated part of our apartments and out towards the street.

I would also like to say that I didn't have time to throw Louis back in the house before going on this chase. Fortunately he listens, as least better than Ella does, and mostly just followed either me or Ella during this whole ordeal.

No sooner did Louis and Ella dart across the street, than a car comes down the street and Ella darts back into the street. Heart. Stop. I scream "ELLA STOP!!!" more as a reaction than out of thinking that might actually help the situation. At least the driver heard me and stopped before she hit my dog. As I jogged across the street to continue the chase I thanked the driver (her window was open) for not killing my dog. Yes, I literally said "Thank you for not killing my dog!" And I meant it. I continue the chase down towards a little pond but I'm worried about getting too close because I really don't want Ella to jump in the pond. It's really gross and I was not in the mood for swimming.

After about 5 more minutes of jogging behind them, and lunging and failing to catch her several times, we cross back closer to our part of the complex. Crossing the street again, but this time there were no cars coming. Ella sees some geese she wants to chase and goes towards another gross little retention pond. Louis finds something smelly to rub his face in and Ella stops to lick something disgusting. I can't quite reach her but as she comes back towards me I lunge at her like a defender trying to stop the run in the red zone. And I catch her, by the scruff of her neck. I'm on my hands and knees in the mud, white tank top splattered with dirt, panting like I've just run a mile. And there were witnesses. Great. Since the weather was so nice there were people everywhere as I run around looking like a hussie trying to catch my dog.

It was at this point that Manny finally caught up with us. I picked up Ella to carry her back to the house (of course I didn't have a leash either) but I really wanted to carry Louis. Bless his little heart and his tiny Dachshund legs, he was exhausted. We all went back to the house dirty, tired, and a little smelly.

We all survived and the only injuries were some scratches on my feet and some bruises to my ego. But at least my dog didn't get hit by a car. :)


  1. A) I can totally picture this in my head.

    B) Sometimes, if you have a dog that likes to play "Make Mommy Chase Me", it's helpful to stop dead in your tracks, turn around, and run towards the direction you want them to go, allowing them to chase you to desired location. Not a fool-proof plan, but usually helpful.

    C) I miss eating sushi with you in the Ferg.

  2. This is even funnier than when you told me about it over gchat (or the phone I can't remember which).

    Also, how long did it take you to catch Ella?