Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cake Pop Easter Basket

So as I was going over the photos to put in this post I realized I've been taking some truly crappy pictures lately. *sigh* My cake pops deserve better. Unfortunately, these were taken several weeks ago and long before the post where I complain about my complaining. Anyway, y'all don't really care about that, so I'll just tell you about what I made.

A couple weeks ago we went to the Dining Out. Our tickets were actually purchased by someone else. In thanks, I made them some cake pops. This person has several small children so I figured I'd do a little "Easter basket" of cake pops.

Truth: It was Manny's idea to put in the Easter grass and make it super Easter-y. But the rest was me. ;)

First up are these cute little chicks which I affectionately refer to as "cheep-cheeps." Aren't they the cutest!? I had seen them in Bakerella's book, and couldn't wait to try them. Perfect opportunity!

Then I moved on to Easter eggs. Some with Peeps on top. Get it, they're laying Easter eggs? They didn't come out quite as planned but I just had to do it.

Then finally I did some other Easter eggs sans Peeps and flowers and put them all in the basket.

Is that not just the cutest thing? Apparently about half the box got eaten right there in the office when it was delivered. And they guy couldn't believe I had made them. Picture it: two guys, in uniform, holding sparkly and or polka dotted Easter cake pops and discussing decorating techniques. Oh to be a fly on that wall. :)

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  1. Have you perfected your mailing technique yet b/c i sooooooo want some!!!!