Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So the other day I was complaining to myself (I've been doing that a lot lately) about how I never use the "big" computer (the one on our desk) to blog anymore and I'm constantly stuck using my little laptop. Wow. First world problems, anyone? Anyway, as I was complaining to myself, I got to thinking about why I use my laptop so much more often than the desk computer. I love using the desk computer for blogging so what's my problem?

There are two. One, the desk is a mess. And rather than just clean it up, I just complain about how messy it is. Wait, do things not clean themselves when you complain about them? *hmm* Second, I've been taking nearly every picture for the blog with my phone. iCloud syncs my pictures automatically to my laptop but not to the desk computer so it's really a pain to get pictures onto the blog if I use the big computer. Oh wait. I have a dSLR, 3 lenses, and an external flash at my disposal. WTF. Why am I still using an iPhone to take blog pictures. Laziness? Good guess. ;)

So basically what I realized is that most of the things I've been complaining to myself about, I can fix if I do less complaining and more doing. :) But now I'm off to read the Hunger Games. 

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