Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Goal Review

1. Read 2 - 3 books. Kind of. I finished one, read a whole one, and started another one.
2. Write 5 or more letters. I think I wrote one....
3. Work out 3x - 4x per week. Funny story, I worked out only three times this WHOLE month!
4. Lose the weight I've gained since the wedding. See above. *sigh*
5. Send February birthday cards/presents.
6. Plan for March birthdays. Not really
7. Complete the 29 Day Organizing Challenge (hosted by I'm and Organizing Junkie)
8. Set savings goals and begin working towards them! Nope.

Wow. I knew I didn't get a lot done this month but geez! I honestly just didn't have much motivation this month. Funny story, I was going to blog about it and then didn't even do that. I'm going to blame the weather. The cold, wet kind that makes you want to do nothing but curl up under a blanket. But it's getting warmer so maybe that will help with my goals for March!


  1. hehe. thanks. I've already worked out twice in march! lol