Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Just Don't Get It

***DISCLAIMER: This is not one of my regular happy, upbeat posts.***

A few things that have happened lately have left me staring at society in disbelief. The most recent of these things was a 10-year old girl who ended up dead after a physical fight with a classmate. I just can't help but wonder what led this cute little girl to engage in a "planned fight" (according to CNN and the police). How on earth did these two young girls come to the understanding that a physical altercation was going to solve their differences? And this was not just a playground shouting match that spiraled out of control. These two met in an alley, with the intent of fighting one another.

I think the easy thing to do would be to lay blame. Parents. Teachers. School administrators. The environment in which they grew up. But what's the point in blaming anyone if we (the people doing the blaming) aren't doing anythin to try and help fix the problem? What upsets me the most is that we see this more and more and it seems to be a society wide problem. Children turning to violence to solve their problems.

Also recently there was a school shooting in Ohio. When I first started writing this, three had died. I think a fourth may have now passed. Again I wonder what happened to this child (and yes, I'm referring to a teenager as a child) to make him think this was the best way to solve whatever problems he was having. What led him to believe that the only way of handling his situation was to end another person's life.

People always talk about warning signs. They always talk about the kids who are quiet, sullen, and withdrawn (which isn't always the case). They talk about Facebook posts and how many school tragedies have been thwarted thanks to social media. Again, the easy thing to do is lay blame. The teachers didn't notice. The parents didn't notice. None of his peers alerted the authorities after his disturbing Facebook posts. But what about everything that led up to that?!?!!

Is it society? Is it video games? Is it parenting? Who knows. One man (I don't remember where I read it) simplistically stated that we should regulate who can have a gun so that kids can't have guns. Are you serious? People who want guns will find them. Period.

My point is that sometimes the world makes me sad. I hardly ever read or listen to the news because all the stories of people killing each other over differences of opinion and politicians bad mouthing each other left and right just hurts my heart.

My simplistic advice? We should just be nice to each other. ;) In a way though, that is how I feel. I wish people would be more accepting and more understanding of others. I understand that we will have differences in opinion, but why can't it be discussed, or even argued about? Why does it have to get so ugly? I can only think and hope that when I have children I will raise them to be kind and thoughtful and to stand up for what they believe in, but in the right way.

Please keep in mind that I am not an expert in any of these fields, these are just my opinions on the subject.


  1. I definitely agree! People need to be nice.

  2. Ok, I was thinking this SAME thing yesterday night. I was watching Mad Men and was transformed into a world of the 1950s and 60s. It was still safe to have your child walk down the street. It was safe to give a jello mold to the neighbor when they moved in. It was a world where everyone knew one another, where the biggest crime was a kid dumping a box of cheerios on someone's counter or kissing boy on the cheek.

    When did everyone own a gun? When did lying, stealing, brute force and physical altercations become common? What are we doing wrong to have changed the amount of violence in our lives in just a century? Are we taking a whole lot for granted?

    (Sure, a lot of this is a portrayed world of then... I didn't live it. I'm only taking into account a portion of it...but wouldn't it still be nice..?)