Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Goals

Yay! A new month! I don't know why I love beginnings. Maybe because their so fresh and untainted. If you remember (and I do...vividly) I didn't do so hot on my goals for February, so a few of them will carry over. I'm really hoping for some warm weather. Ohio has been teasing us with random highs as high as 66 degrees! But I'm still wary that an epic snowstorm is going to descend on us this March. Enough chatter, here are my goals. :)

1. Read 2 - 3 books.
2. Write 5 or more letters.
3. Workout 3 - 4 times per week and lose 5 pounds.
4. Send March Birthday presents and cards.
5. Plan for April birthdays.
6. Organize Manny's closet.
7. Decide on a school from which to get my Master's.
8. Finish crocheting my scarf.

For some reason that doesn't seem like much even though there are 8 goals. But, since I had a serious motivation problem last month, I didn't want to get too crazy. Here's hoping I get a lot done this month! :)


  1. Good luck on your closet organization! I love how I feel when our closets are clean!

    1. thank you! and i agree, it does make me feel so much better!

  2. My mom will be here on the 17th to visit baby girl, she is convinced that's when we'll get an epic blizzard or something...:/
    Here's hoping that warm weather prevails!

    1. haha. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for warm weather!