Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My (Not So) Little Splurge

There it is. My new toy. My pride and joy for months to come. Ok, so it looks a little like one of those court-ordered tracking devices, but that's only because my wrists are very small. It looks a lot more normal and cool on Manny. I just look a little like a convict. Despite all of that, I love it. Maybe it's an instant gratification thing, but I just love seeing my exact mileage during my  run. No plotting before and after, just go run and figure it out as you go. :) 

I actually haven't been running quite at much recently because we also just got some bikes, but I plan on running during the week and biking on the weekends. This was definitely a splurge but I'm really happy to have splurged on myself a little.

And I know this isn't a dSLR picture, but in my defense, I started this post like 3 weeks ago. ;)

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