Monday, May 28, 2012

Best Laid Plans

We were supposed to leave for Nebraska today. We had a nice little trip planned to go house hunting and check out the area. But we're not leaving today, because we returned from Nebraska early this morning. Ah, Air Force, how you love to throw a wrench in my perfectly laid plans.

I had this big ol' post written about all the craziness that led to us being in Omaha this past weekend but when I re-read was really boring. So here's the skinny. We were supposed to go today, but we left Friday at about 1:00am instead. We drove by about a million houses when we got there Friday since several of the ones on our original list were no longer available. This happened several times. Saturday after we had about had it with driving by even more houses (we weren't meeting with our realtor until Sunday so we couldn't actually go in any yet), we went to the zoo. And forgot the memory cards for the camera. Manny bought one but of course it was all effed up and only about 10 of the pictures he took came out. Good thing I had my handy dandy iPhone. Because these are totally the same as dSLR pictures. ;)

After the zoo we had a quick dinner and then crashed because Sunday was the big day! The day we actually got to go through some houses!!! We went through 5 houses and I fell in love with the very first one. The last one was pretty great too but after much deliberation I think we're going to proceed with house #1. I am so nervous because I know that there are SO many things that could go wrong and I love this house. Hopefully in a couple months I will be posting some pictures of our awesome new house. :)

Wish us luck!

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