Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brain Dump

We have a lot going on right now. Or at least I feel like we do. When I get busy/overwhelmed one of the first things to go is my "me time" which includes blogging. Sad, but true. I feel like I don't even have time to think of topics let alone sit down and write about it. But alas, the brain dump. The solution to my problem of having some stuff to share but none of it's really big enough for it's own post.

1. My step-mom and sister came to visit! It was great! We went to the zoo and to a dairy farm and went shopping and ate a lot. My dad and one of my brother's are coming soon and I'm very excited about that too.

2. Soon we're taking a little trip out to Nebraska to go house hunting. Super exciting but also a little overwhelming. I really don't feel like I'm old/mature enough to buy a house. I still giggle at potty humor. Really? Home owner?

3. I have some sort of stupid hip problem. It's been hurting for a while but just recently has gotten worse. Went to the doctor, had initial X-rays, now have to get an MRI. Am scared of the tiny little tube. And I'm not allowed to run until we figure out what's wrong with it. :/

4. My dogs are the cutest. That is all.

So I didn't have as much to dump as I thought but you can agree that none of those were enough for an entire post. Maybe if I had done as I had planned and taken tons of cute pictures during the family's visit or had more to share about house hunting. Eh. All in due time.

Oh! You should also all check out the photo that my awesome husband took. It didn't win the photo contest, but it's on the blog right below the winner (the photo featuring a manatee). HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! Click here to check it out!


  1. Love the sea cow!!! They are such funny animals. Sad to hear about your hip, i hope that the docs come back with a "no big deal" answer for you that won't involve anything more scary than advil.

  2. A) Manatees are like my most favorite animal in the world. Besides dachshunds, of course.

    B) My hip has been hurting as well--at least I think it is my hip. It is kind of my hip/super-lower-back-behind-my-buttcheek-TMI. It feels like it is where my hip attaches to my body. I can't explain it, but I can kind of point to it, which you can't see me doing right now, but I am. But, basically, it hurts. What do you/they think is wrong with yours?

    C) I had the epiphany last night that I have now spent more time away from you than I spent time with you. That is sad. :( How far away is Nebraska?