Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fantastic Runtastic!

No one has asked me to review this app, nor am I receiving compensation for doing so. I just really freakin' love this app!
The first time I got on this bike it became obvious that I would need wanted some sort of gadget to keep track of all the data from my bike rides. Something along the lines of my super amazing running GPS watch, but for cycling. What can I say, I like numbers. And gadgets. And things that could possibly be put into Excel spreadsheets and color coded. I digress. (Ps, Nike, if you're listening, could you just do a software upgrade to the watch so that it's good for cycling as well??? Thanks!)

They do sell these really expensive little cyclometer gadgets that track all the data I'm looking for, but since I've already invested a bit of money into the bike and helmet and shorts and jersey (and I still want shoes), I wasn't really looking to spend another couple hundred dollars on a cyclometer. Never fear, the iPhone saves the day again. :) Manny found this app called the Runtastic Roadbike app (Runtastic actually has a whole mess of apps). So all I needed to buy a little case that hooks onto my bike...and away we go.

Here is my case fitted on my handlebars....

This is what you see during your ride....(there are also several other options and you can customize your display to see the information you want)

And here is one of my favorite parts, the overview...

The only thing I don't like about this app is that it really drains your battery. If we ride for two hours or so my battery is almost completely dead. However, if you get Runtastic Roadbike Pro (which I did) and you download the map you're going to be using before you head out, it saves you A LOT of battery life.

Now I know a real cyclist would scoff at the thought of adding the extra weight of the phone to his bike, but let's be serious, I'm no Lance. I still have my reflectors and don't even wear the special shoes. :)


  1. I wish I could cycle as much as you do!!!! It sounds so fun to go biking that much! I hope you enjoy yourself. I can't wait to come up and see you!!!

    1. It is really fun! I enjoy it more and more every time. Can't wait to see you too!