Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Goals

I've been trying to decide if my complete failure at my goals lately has really been out of laziness or out of poor goal setting. Either way, I'm doing things a little differently this month...or at least for the rest of this month... ;)

1. Set weekly goals to accomplish smaller tasks.
2. Enjoy my birthday.
3. Enjoy visiting with my step-mom and sister!
4. Continue exercising regularly.
5. Buy a swimsuit.

My goals over the last few months were feeling a little too much like all work and no play. So I would ignore them. ;) I thought that including some fun goals in with my real goals would make me a little more likely and a little more motivated to accomplish them. :)


  1. sounds like a plan...good luck and dont forget to smile

  2. I took a picture of my May goals (I sharpie them on a smaller posterboard) and will post them at the end of the month, hopefully with some lines through the goals I've completed.

    YOU GO GIRL!! We all need "fun" goals, and I hope you keep some of them on there. Yes!! Enjoy your birthday, too!

  3. These goals sound really great! I hope you are able to achieve your goals this month. (Especially enjoying your birthday!!!) :)