Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New House Wishes

As much as I've enjoyed and appreciated my pretty little townhouse in Ohio, I'm starting to have dreams and wishes of a "real" house when we move. There are just some things you can't have or do when you share walls with neighbors or only have a few square feet for a garden or can't make any alterations to the house.

1. A vegetable garden. A few times when I was a kid, my dad attempted (and sometimes succeeded at) a vegetable garden. Some attemps were better than others but the memories I have of them are good ones and I'd like to give it a shot.

2. Dedicated laundry room. I know this is a big "if" and I don't really have much control over it unless our house comes with one, but I still would really love it. Then maybe my bedroom wouldn't be a dumping ground for unfolded clothes.

3. A fenced yard. Oh how my puppies would love to run around outside every day. Since the closest dog park is a good 15 minutes away, my dogs unfortunately don't get a lot outdoor running around time. But whenever we do get to the park, they just run and run and run and I just know they would love having  yard to play in.

4. A place for everything and everything in it's place. This is a little less tangible, I know. I have two problems with keeping my house neat and organized. 1. My hoarding and messiness tendencies. 2. Not enough space. I'm really hoping that with a little more space I will acutally have a designated place for the things that currently don't have homes because there just isn't enough room

I know there are a few more things but I can't think of them just now. Do y'all have any wishes for you current or future home?


  1. Dietz, these all sound like great ideas/dreams for your house! When I get older I will have a room dedicated to our dogs! A room where all the dogs do is play and nap and eat! All of the furniture would be dog related! I know it might sound like a silly idea, but I want my dogs to be happy!!!

  2. ditto x 4.

    Umm... Helena is like basically almost grown. I feel so old. :'(
    And she is like super smart and articulate. Wow.

  3. These are excellent ideas. You may be surprised, but I will bet you can find a house with many of these features. And, if you have room for a garden, we know you will be able to grow corn! Love, Dad

  4. Great ideas! Especially the last one. I'm kind of a clean freak when it comes to having stuff around the house, especially in my room.:) But still, I think that a music room would be an awesome room to have in my future house. That way I could store my drums, guitar, trombone, and whatever else I have and just have an area to play my instruments.

  5. I rent, (I don't have any plans on "buying" a house within the next 4 years)so my decorating possibilites are limited, although I am allowed to repaint, which is awesome! I've also decided to buy nothing NEW this year for my decorating, so it's yard sale and thrifty season and I'm sooo looking forward to little projects to spruce things up around here.

    I also want to do a garden. Am thinking of a 4x4 raised garden to play with this year.

    I have always wanted a sun room, with lots of sunlight, a cozy place with fluffy furniture. That will be in my home someday!

    Thanks for a little added inspiration :)

  6. Well since I already have a house that's pretty much perfect I feel I can't adequately contribute to this post. However, I will now refuse to buy a house that doesn't have a garage, hardwood floors, and gas range.

    Let's face it - I'm a little spoiled. :)