Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Garden

Yes, I planted a garden even though I knew we were leaving soon. But it's so cheerful I couldn't help myself. And we only bought the cheap flowers from Home Depot. ;) And unlike last year (when we spent half a day removing concrete chunks from our garden), all we had to do was get rid of some weeds and the plants that didn't survive the winter, turn the soil a bit and we were ready to go.

This is along one of the fence lines. To be truthful I didn't take any pictures of the other fence lines because they're not as exciting. Maybe I'll do a post about the plants that are dying soon.

I'm such a girl. I love pink flowers.

Our orange ones are pretty cool too. Don't ask me the names of the flowers. I just call them by their color.

And these little guys are just the cutest.

And ironically, this is quite possibly my very favorite part of the garden. Ironic because it's not actually part of the garden. ;)

There you have it. My cute little garden that I'll be leaving behind in a few short months. My new house has a much bigger garden but unfortunately we'll get there too late to plant anything. But that's all the more time to plan for next year!

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