Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Still Waiting...and Still Annoyed

Remember a couple weeks ago when I ranted about my stupid hip problem? Well I finally had my MRI last week. Then after calling the doctor's office incessantly (I know that doesn't make it go faster, but it makes me feel better, k?) I finally got an answer today. There's nothing on my MRI to explain my pain. Make another appointment, with another doctor, who will hopefully have more insight. Oh. Great. Thanks. Totally the answer I was looking for.

So here I am, still waiting to hear what's wrong. And being a medical professional with lots of experience in orthopedics I have lots of ideas about what could be wrong but it turns out it's a lot harder to diagnose yourself than other people. :/

Add to it that I'm waiting on lots of other stuff too. And patience is not my strong suit. Like, at all. When I want something done I want it done quick, fast, and in-a-hurry. Just ask my mother, it's why I'm sometimes mistaken as "demanding." ;) So I'm going to make a list of all the things I'm waiting on. The most annoying bit of all these things is that I've done all I can from my end on all of them and am resigned to waiting around for other people to do their thing. Not cool.

1. Waiting for an answer on my stupid hip. (see above)
2. Waiting for the "official" response from the sellers regarding our addendum. (too long and annoying to detail, sorry to friends/family who have had to endure me complaining about this ad nauseum)
3. Waiting for someone to call back about a job I applied for. (they seemed really interested but I haven't heard from them in a while)
4. Waiting to find out what's wrong with my car. (more on that later)
5. Waiting to move.

Ok Ohio friends, don't be too mad at me for #5. I'm going to miss you all terribly it's just that I feel like we're in that weird phase now where we're close to moving but not gone yet. It's kind of like right before hubby leaves for a deployment/training. There comes a point where you just want him to leave already! There's all this anticipation and anxiety and I just wish it would get a move on. That's how I feel about the impending move. Except that I'm really excited about the move and am never excited when Manny has to leave. Right.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me rant. Again. It seems that I'm annoyed a lot these days. I'm not so much in real life, but these are the only things going on that make for good blog fodder. Or did you actually want to read about how I've watched almost 4 seasons of Gossip Girl in 2 weeks?...


  1. I feel ya. I am NOT a patient person. When I am injured I go crazy and never listen to my own advice. You will be ok!

  2. you just need a little Patience in your life. ;)