Thursday, June 7, 2012

It Hurts, and I'm Annoyed

My stupid hip. I can't do anything. Running hurts. Biking hurts. Sitting at my desk hurts. Walking, surprisingly, doesn't usually hurt.

I even took about 3 weeks off after seeing the doctor for the first time. Then I tried to go on a short bike ride. And my hip was really sore the next day. I haven't even tried jogging since going to the doctor because I know it's going to hurt. Yesterday I didn't even do anything and it was sore all day.

I know I need to be patient (my MRI is next week) until we find out what's wrong with it, but it really bothers me that I can't do anything! The weather has been so nice and I would really like to be out on my bike. Or have the option of going for a jog in the morning. I have been trying to take the dogs for more walks to at least get a little exercise. Because I guess walking is better than sitting.

Basically, my hip hurts and I'm annoyed at how limiting it is. Cross your fingers that we'll find out what it is soon. And thanks for listening to the rant. :)


  1. Like I told you before, I (literally) feel your pain. I think mine has to do with my sciatic (based on web research and chatting with a medical assistant friend and a nurse friend). My hurts sporadically, but particularly when I have to bend to pick up something.

    Here's hoping you get some relief!