Sunday, June 3, 2012

June Goals

1. Have an awesome time when my dad and brother visit!
2. Create and get started on My Big Giant Moving List. (post coming soon)
3. Find a way to exercise that doesn't hurt my hip.

I think My Big Giant Moving List will give me quite enough to focus on this month so that's all for now.

Are you setting goals for June? Do any of them include fun summer plans?


  1. I struggled with some sciatica and piriformis syndrome and it was SO HARD to keep up with exercising. I am sure you will find a way is part of our job after all! :)

  2. I have set my goals from June. I moved all the ones I didn't do in May to the new list, so....I'll be busy!

    Fun summer plans? Thanks for the idea, now I can dream up that list for the next 3 months :)

    1. excellent! other than moving no real big plans.