Thursday, June 7, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

It's the same pattern each time. It doesn't matter whether it's a short bout of training or a nice long (to us) 6 month deployment. For the first few days I just mope around, continually surprised by the quiet that fills the house. I watch a lot of trashy television (Gossip Girl anyone?), eat junk food (does a whole bag of Everything Bagel Chips count?), and basically try to ignore the fact that he's gone.

Eventually I find my groove. I clean, a lot. (Which is good since I have family coming in town this week.) I put everything back where it belongs. (We tend to destroy the house while packing right before he leaves.) Then I settle in to wait. I find a routine. It's usually quiet and involves me spending a lot of time with my dogs. I don't cook real meals and only do laundry once per week.

I'm still watching trashy television, but have moved out of the moping phase. I'm setting into the routine of it being just me. :) Tonight I'm having dinner and doing some shopping with a friend and then my dad and brother are coming to town! But I did eat Cheezits for breakfast...

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  1. T, as you know i've been to the same training he's been to. While he's away, if you need to ask questions, vent, reach out, whatever please email me. I'm way off of your time zone right now so calling or Skyping is hard but we can try to work it out. Let me know if i can help at all.