Thursday, June 28, 2012

Some updates...

Wow. Things have been incredibly busy around here lately. I feel like every time I turn around there's another To Do list a mile long waiting for me. Remember my Big Giant Moving List I mentioned? Yeah, still need to blog about that...maybe tomorrow? So now for the updates...

1. As I mentioned here, the sellers finally decided to put a new roof on the house. But now we're in a mad rush to get our loan closed on time. *fingers crossed*
2. Still waiting on the next appointment for my hip. But in the meantime I've started exercising again. Yay!
3. I've packed a lot but still have a ton left. The first part of packing is easy, it's when you get to all the random little stuff that really doesn't fit anywhere that gets really tedious.
4. I still need to finish painting.
5. Manny is home from training!!! This makes all the other stuff a lot easier. :)

I guess I should get off the computer and go do some real work now... :)

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