Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Goals

I am SO excited! I've been waiting for this month for...well, months! We are in Omaha, we will very soon be in our new house, and hopefully I will soon have a job! Unsurprisingly, I have lots of goals for our new house and our new life!

1. Move into our new house.
2. Unpack all boxes. (I traditionally have a problem with this)
3. Check out the bike path that's thisclose to the house.
4. Find a job.
5. Play with the dogs in their new yard.
6. Scope out where to put next years vegetable garden.
7. Bake in my new kitchen!
8. Wash clothes in my awesome new washer and dryer.
9. Watch the Olympics.
10. Take the dogs for a walk in the park by the house.

That's enough for now. ;) I'm sure once we get in there I'll have lots of other goals like hanging curtains and painting and decorating. But I'll save those for later. Right now, I just want to get into my new house and enjoy it!


  1. WOOHOO on almost being in your house! I hope August is great for you.

  2. 2. Unpack all boxes. (I traditionally have a problem with this)

    Rob and I have been in our new house for almost 3 months and one of our guest bedrooms is still full of unpacked boxes. Oops!!

    I'm glad you made it safely to Nebraska (Oh my God that is so frickin far away!!) and I wish you good luck with your list (especially numbers 1, 2, and 4!!)!!

    1. 1. thanks. i'm going to try REALLY hard to get them unpacked. :)
      2. thanks, and it's far away but that's perfect for a road trip!! ;) *hint hint* :)

      miss you!!!!

  3. If you unpack all the boxes by the time August is over, I'm sending you a prize. Remember that time I had to drive to Georgia to help you unpack because it stressed me out knowing you had all those unpacked boxes? And then there was the subsequent "where's the poop?!" incident that we should probably forget, but I won't because it was so freaking funny (in a gross way).

    Wishing you luck with goal number 2,
    your super organized and mildly OCD best friend

    1. Elizabeth, will you come to Georgia and help me with my unpacked boxes!? ;)

    2. what kind of prize? ;)


      i'll be sure to keep everyone up to date on my progress!