Wednesday, August 8, 2012

diy hanging earring organizer

I have lots of earrings. Like, lots and lots. Unfortunately, I don't wear most of them because they're tucked away in a drawer in my jewelry box and I never see them. A few weeks (months?) ago I began researching better jewelry storage ideas and found this.

photo credit/tutorial link

So cute, right!? I found this idea while still in Ohio and knew I had to do this in my new house. :) So on Sunday when hubby and I set out to run a few errands and I told him we had to stop at the local Goodwill. And wouldn't you know, right across the street is also a little place called Thrift America. I ended up with a total of 6 picture frames for a total of $9.33. I could. not. wait. to get them home and start painting.

I decided to paint them white. I actually used the same white as we're going to use for all the trim in the house so I think they'll make for a really nice accent once the bedroom is repainted.

I've only completed one so far but I could. not. wait. to finish all of them to show y'all! The first one actually started out as a mirror and looked like this.

Ew. Am I right?

But then, with some paint, a few eye hooks, some wire, and more than a few mess ups (more on that in a minute), I had this!

I am beyond excited. I plan on eventually hanging all these frames on the wall once they're all finished but I just could not resist setting this one up with some earrings! And blogging about it of course. ;)

old picture frame
small eye hooks (I used Alambre #216-1/2 x 1/2" - found at Lowe's)
steel wire (I used .73mm)
wire cutters
tape measure

How To:
1. Get rid of picture in frame/old mirror.
2. Dust/wipe down with damp cloth.
3. When completely dry....paint!
4. Measure on back desired length between wires.
5. Screw in eye hooks.
6. Attach wire.
7. Hang awesome earrings.

...awhile?...I didn't really sit down and do it all at once. I painted, then put the hooks in. Then put a few more hooks in, then put the wire across.

Helpful Hints:
Please for the love don't try and put nails in the back of this thing and think you're going to attach your wire that way. I'm not sure why I thought that was a good idea, but it wasn't. I broke one of the picture frames, got really mad, and went back to Lowe's at like 6:30pm on Sunday. ;) The tutorial referenced above (the link is with the first picture) does hers with a staple gun. I just like the way the eye hooks look. Though they are kind of a pain in the ass....

I really can't wait to finish the rest and hang them all on the wall. I'll be sure to post pictures! Has anyone else done any fun DIY stuff lately?


  1. I love this idea!! I saw it on Pinterest but I don't really have the wall space for it right now

  2. Good job, sweetie. I cannot believe you found time to do this with everything you have on your plate right now, but I am glad you took time to do it. It's a really cute idea. Miss you lots!

  3. Such a great idea! It would probably also make a great present for the earring lovers in my life.