Thursday, September 6, 2012

August Goal Review

Oh, is it Septemer? When did that happen? Oh well, here's my goal review anyways...

1. Move into our new house.

2. Unpack all boxes. (I traditionally have a problem with this.)
Ok, so it hasn't happened yet but I'm doing way better than usual!

3. Check out the bike path that's this close to the house.
Done! I've ridden 94 miles since we got here!

4. Find a job.

5. Play with the dogs in their new yard.
Done and done!

6. Scope out where to put next year's vegetable garden.
Done! But I'm not sure I've made a final decision yet.

7. Bake in my new kitchen.
Unless you count a few recipes that include crescent rolls (from the can) and call themselves, I have not baked in my new kitchen. But fall is coming and I'm sure the boys in Manny's office will need some tasty treats!

8. Wash clothes in my awesome new washer and dryer. 
If I hadn't done this yet, I think we'd all be a little concerned. I think I've done approximately 1234089128 loads of laundry. ;)

9. Watch the Olympics.
Yeah we did! We watched more TV during the Olympics than we had in months!

10. Take the dogs for a walk in the park near the house.
Yeah, they have a yard. Walks are no longer a huge priority because they get TONS of exercise in the yard.

Did y'all make August goals? How did you do?

If you're curious, here's my original August Goals post.

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