Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Goal Review

Well the end of September just snuck right on up there didn't it? I can't even remember when I last looked at my goals. Ah well.

1. Read 3 books.
I've been reading the same book all month. But it's not one you blow through. It's a ponderous sort of book. :)

2. Update my photo blog daily. (rather than getting behind and backdating :/ )
Uh, yeah. I might have JUST gotten finished putting up some photos from the weekend...oops

3. Try a new recipe (and blog about it!).
Totally forgot about this one.

4. Finish unpacking my office.
Sigh. I am just one big fail this month.

5. Try one new restaurant (and blog about it!).
I did actually go to a new restaurant for a work meeting, but I didn't blog about it. But I'm still counting it complete!

6. Ride over 100 miles on my bike.
I did! I rode just over 104 miles!

7. Write some letters.
I wrote one. That's "some." ;)

8. Bake something, anything.
Sadly, no. But the weather is getting cooler by the day so I'm sure I'll be even more inspired.

Ok, so I kind of forgot about my goals this month. I've been working hard at my new job and trying to keep my house in order and trying to keep unpacking. Hopefully I'll have better luck next month.

Did you set goals this month? How did you do?!

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