Thursday, October 4, 2012

a few sparkles in an otherwise crappy day

Yesterday was a weird day. I had planned on being home from my morning errands by 10am at the latest. Somehow I didn't make it home until 11:30am. Odd. I sat down and tried to get some work done since I had an appointment at 3pm that seemed to be appraoching rather rapidly.

As I'm sitting at my computer typing away at some emails and other things I hear my dogs in the backyard barking as though the world is ending. So in a huff I run down the satirs to go yell at the dogs for barking. As I get to the back door, I see my neighbors at the fence with their children and I hear my neighbor scolding his son. I couldn't hear exactly what he was saying but it was something to the effect of "don't try to hit the dog with the stick." Um, what?!?! Your kid was trying to hit my dog with a stick? Granted, he's a pretty small child and there is a fence so he really can't damage my dog but....what the hell has my dog ever done to you?! Then my neighbor proceeds to ask if his daughter can feed my dog a hotdog. The appropriate response would have been "Oh, gee, I 'd rather you not. It would probably upset his tummy." But I was so dumbfounded by the whole situation I think I just stared at him and muttered something about how Louis will eat lettuce off the floor given half a chance.


I then ran off to an appointment with the surgeon for my stupid hip. I almost ran out of gas on the way there in awful traffic. I'm not even going to talk about how long it has taken me to get this appointment. The point of this little story is that I spent 50 minutes in the office to be seen by both a PA and a doctor only to be told that I had been sent to the wrong doctor. Double sigh. Even though I had explicitly told everyone in Nebraska who would listen that I needed an hip arthroscopy specialist I had somehow ended up with a guy who does hip replacement but not the repair of a tear like mine. And then I found out that I couldn't even see a doctor in their office because....well it's a long story and I suspect you're all bored already. I am.

Now on to the sparkly parts of the day. One of the reasons my morning errands took too long is that I went to Target. Hehe. And bought these. On clearance.

Yes, these shoes were first featured on my 365 blog. :)

I'm pretty sure they're my new favorite shoes. They also come in a black sparkly color and I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy them.

The second sparkly part of my day was that I got to have dinner and some girl time with a friend! We had some awesome sushi and awesome cupcakes and awesome company. :) But I forgot to take pictures of either the sushi or the cupcakes. I was too busy stuffing my face. :)