Wednesday, October 10, 2012

at a crossroads

I've been thinking lately. About my blog. I think I've decided to make the switch to Wordpress. (Shhh. Don't tell blogger.) But here's the thing...paying someone to migrate my blog is not something I'm into doing just now. Doing it myself seems like a disaster waiting to happen. So now (it seems) I'm left with two options...

1. Wait until I feel like paying someone to do it.
2. Start a new blog.

*gasp* I know. But here's the thing, this blog doesn't have that much traffic and I'm really hoping that most of my readers would follow me to a new blog at this point (please?). 

But then I also feel kind of like an abandoner since I've been with this blog for about 2.5 years. 

And I'm not really sure whether I really want to start anew or bring all my old bloggage (blog baggage) with me.

I've actually thought of starting a new blog before. This blog is/was my very first ever venture into blogging and while it holds some sentimental value (we can talk about my inappropriate attachment to webpages later), I kind of like the idea of a brand new blog.

I'm totally at a loss.

So here's where you come in! Give me your opinion! 


  1. I think you should move to a blog. It's free and probably going to be easier to migrate since you don't have to worry about themes and hosting.

    The woman who moved and designed my blog has a great series of articles: As well as an ebook:

    Blogging with Amy has a really good series on the subject:

    If you decide you don't want to pay for hosting, has some good support to help you move:

  2. Oh, and whatever you do, please please PLEASE get rid of your captcha requirement! It's way to hard to read and a huge turn off to infrequent commenters!

    You just have to check for spam more frequently or require approval for first time commenters.

  3. I love wordpress vs blogger. Best thing I did was move to another host. I started my 3rd (the ex was not fond of my putting our story out there, so to honor his request, I deleted the first 2....big mistake) so I didn't have to migrate.

    It's a better format!

  4. "Oh, and whatever you do, please please PLEASE get rid of your captcha requirement! It's way to hard to read [...]"

    This. :)

  5. woo hoo, you did it. yay for commenting without going cross-eyed!!

  6. I was about to say just start a new blog on Wordpress and simply copy over the posts. (I believe they allow you to change the post date, so you can keep your original dates).

    But then I saw how many posts you had!! :)

    1. @William i wish i could. but i've always thought of this as my "starter" blog anyway. i think i've decided to go ahead and start a new one. but i want to do it right so it may take a little time. and there will be a big announcement here so hopefully most of my readers will follow me to the new one! :)