Saturday, October 13, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

Thursday evening after work we decided to head out to the Apple store to get a case for Manny's brand new iPhone 5. Unfortunately, the Apple store had zero iPhone 5 cases. Um, what? On our way home we decided to pick up Chinese food for dinner since Manny was in a hurry to get home for the debate and neither of us really felt like cooking.

As we're turining into the parking lot, we notice two people in the road with what looks like a whole load of wood...that had obviously just fallen out of their truck. Huge. Bummer. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, my husband and I are incapable of passing these sorts of situations by without offering assistance.

While we're helping them re-load their truck, another guy comes by with some sort of tool called a "load blocker." The problem was that the bed of their truck was too short and the wood kept sort of flipping out the back. The load blocker was like a magic wand. So Random Guy #1 loans them his tool, not even knowing whether he would really get it back or not. Then, Random Guy #2 pulls up in his big giant pick-up truck and offers to load to wood in his truck and drive it to their house! Y'all, Nebraska is the friendliest place ever!

We ended up helping them get the wood all loaded and then went to their house (just a mile or so down the road) to help them unload and to get the tool to bring back to Random Guy #1 (since we were heading back to the Chinese place for dinner anyway). During all of this we  made some small talk and learned that they had recently honeymooned in New Orleans (our hometown!). We ended up exchanging phone numbers and plan to have dinner sometime soon!

Sometimes the strangest of circumstances can lead you to new friends. Or even help restore your faith in humanity, at least a little.


  1. So neat! Connecting to people is often easiest and most sincere through service. I hope you guys have a long, memorable friendship!

    1. thank you! it was a kind of neat experience.

  2. Absolutly awesome!!! That story made my day :)