Tuesday, October 9, 2012

why we had to buy dinner twice in the last week

Yes. Twice. Yes. Had to.

See, what had happened was, one day last week I decided to bake some chicken. No big thing, I've done this dozens of times. Except that this time I was cooking bone-in chicken and I had decided to sort of slather it with butter first. (Don't judge.) Right. Anyway, as I'm cooking the chicken all manner of grease and other stuff starts to make its way to the edges of the baking stone. Did I mention that I was baking this on a flat stone with no lip at the edge? As all this oil/grease/butter makes its was to the edge of the stone I started to get very nervous thinking that this is going to cause my gas oven to catch on fire. Fortunately, it did not. But by the time I pulled the chicken out of the oven there was a less than appealing collection of grease and butter at the bottom of the oven. But since I was finished cooking and had turned the oven off, I decided not to worry too much about it.

Fast forward a couple of days and I decided to bake some chicken again. Except this time I was going to be super smart ;) and use a pan with a lip at the edge. I turned on the oven and after about 3 minutes a terrible smell began eminating from the oven. And then came the smoke. Apparently there was a lot of grease at the bottom of the oven and heating it up was not a good idea. It was actually so bad that we had to open several windows downstairs, put a fan on to vent the air outside as quickly as possible, and leave the house. It was awful. The house was still stinky when we returned several hours later.

That was the first time we had to buy dinner rather than eating at home.

On Sunday I decided that I finally needed to clean the grease out of the oven as I couldn't avoid using it forever. The puddle of brown...stuff...on the bottom was, well, a bit larger than I expected. It took several rounds of covering it with soapy suds, letting it sit, and scrubbing like my life depended on it. We eventually decided that by the time it was clean enough to actually cook anything, we would be starving. So we broke down and ordered pizza. 

After my other spending mistakes last week, I wasn't exactly thrilled about spending more unnecessary money but that's what happens when you have a puddle of grease on the bottom of your oven.

Oh, and as a random side note, my arms are literally sore from scrubbing the oven. It's a little pathtic.


  1. I love kitchen calamity Christine. :)

    1. sigh. unfortunately i do not. my triceps are angry. (from the scrubbing. see above.)

  2. Oh goodness! This is where you need to still be in Ohio so you could come to coffee and vent about it.