Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Goal Review

1. Finish packing the house.
2. Move to Omaha.

Done and done! Honestly, for a minute there I wasn't really sure we were going to get it all done. But as it always does with moving, it all comes together in the end!

Speaking of, my Big Giant Moving List is finally done. Which is good because, you know, we're in Omaha. :)

Up next....My Big Giant House List. Stay tuned.

Monday, July 30, 2012

we made it.

We are here. Exhausted. Anxious. Excited. Happy. I'm not even sure what else to say. I'm too tired to find more words. Maybe more tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

things keeping me busy right now

1. packing
2. getting ready to move
3. trying to say one last goodbye to friends
4. riding my bike (omg, I have to post about my shoes soon)
5. reading 50 Shades of Grey (yes, I gave in)

What's keeping you busy these days?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 Goal Progress

I know it's already July but I still wanted to do a little update on my 2012 goals! I feel like I've been working pretty diligently even though this has been another busy year!

1. Grow to 100 blog followers.
According to feedburner I'm at 63! I think I was in the 30s at the beginning of the year so that's definitely some good progress! I really need to work a little harder to get my blog out there though. More Twitter, more Facebook, more guest posting. Do y'all have any other ideas?

2. Read 25 books.
I'm 64% done! If you look over on the right sidebar you can see my little tracker. And if you're curious about what I've been reading, check out my 2012 Reading List!

3. Write 52 letters.
I've only written 15 so far but plan on writing a lot more when we get to Omaha! (This goal also has a tracker on the sidebar!)

4. Send on time birthday cards and/or presents to friends and family.
I don't like these kinds of goals because there are SO many variables. Even though I've been very late with several presents/cards this year, I think I've done way better than in the past!

5. Declutter blog post labels.
Seriously, where do I come up with these goals? How is this even trackable. No matter, I did spend some time on this a few months ago but I'm sure it could use a bit more tidying before the year is done.

6. Run a half marathon in under 2:30:01 (my time from last year).
Unfortunately, because of my stupid hip, I don't think this one will be happening this year.

7. Run 500 miles.
This goal too will not be attained because of my stupid hip. But I'm continuing to track it because I'm very interested to see just how many miles I will run this year! (This one also has a fun sidebar tracker)

8. Decide on a Master's program.
Well, I did decide...kind of. Maybe. More on that later. ;)

Did you set goals for 2012? How are they going?

Friday, July 20, 2012

life as a stay at home wife

Yep. That's me. Stay at home wife. One week ago today was my last day at my job here in Ohio. I've been kind of making a joke of being a stay at home wife, maybe because I don't intend for it to be permanent. All of my plans have me working full-time within a few weeks of arriving in Omaha. But what if that doesn't work out? I know quite a few ladies with the best of intentions but working full-time just doesn't seem to be in the cards for them.

I'm also a little ashamed because I realize recently that rather than making the most this (even if it's temporary), I seem to be just poking fun at it. Recently I was asked if I worked outside of the home and I was very quick to say "I did up until last Friday!" Even to my own ears it sounded like I was trying a little too hard to make sure she knew I had a career, I just wasn't working at the moment because we're moving so soon.

So what's the problem with being a stay at home wife? Nothing, really. I have some sort of guilt complex about staying home since I don't have any kids to take care of, just a husband and two dogs. Maybe I feel guilty now because I may have uttered something like "but what does she do all day?" in the past. It really doesn't matter. Stay home, go to work. Each person's situation is different and it's really not up to me to worry about anyone's situation but my own. And for now, my situation is my life as a stay at home wife, and I'm going to try and embrace it. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

damsel in distress

Monday I went in for my hip arthrogram (they inject dye into the joint and then do an MRI) and cortisone injection. I was not excited about these because of my ser-i-ous fear of needles. I've been nervous about the test for weeks but by Monday morning I mostly just wanted to get it over with.

Manny took the afternoon off to come with me since I was so nervous. I also figured my hip would be pretty sore after the injections and that I wouldn't feel much like driving. So off we went, me fidgeting and chewing on my newly manicured nails the whole way to the medical center because I was so nervous. Manny tried calming me down telling me it was going to be fine. I told him he wasn't the one getting giant needles stuck into his hip. :)

After I changed into the gown, I sat in the fluoroscopy room for a while waiting for the doctor. (The use an X-ray type machine for these injections since the hip joint is so deep to make sure they're getting in exactly the right spot.) When the doctor came in he told me not to worry because he had the most experience of anyone in the hospital doing this type of injection. Everyone was so nice and very compassionate about the fact that I had a lot of anxiety about this procedure. So up onto the table I go, getting draped and prepped and ready for the injection. I started to cry before the first needle even touched me. Oops. But one of the super sweet techs came over and held an ice pack on my head to try and help me calm down and to remind me to breathe. After getting the numbing agent in (which hurt a lot), the other two injections went really smoothly. At least I assume they did because I couldn't feel anything at all.

So after all the anxiety and tears, the injections themselves were over in just a couple minutes. They handed me some scrub pants and told me to put those on instead of the gown (I still had my shirt on under the gown). They sat me up slowly to make sure I wasn't light-headed and stepped outside of the room so I could get the pants on. After getting the scrub pants on I called them back in the room to let them know I was ready to go down to MRI. The helped me off the table and into a wheelchair which I thought was really silly because while my hip was very sore, I was certainly capable of walking 25 yards down to MRI. But that's procedure so into the chair I went.

I couldn't have been in the chair for more than 5 seconds and we were just turning to head to MRI when I remember saying "wait, I feel really light headed" and felt like I was going to throw up. No vomit, but apparently I was out cold for a good 30 seconds. When I woke up, I was still in the chair but there were all these people, and I'm pretty sure they were talking to me but I had no idea what they were saying. Eventually I regained enough sense to realize they were trying to get me out of the chair and onto the floor so they could put my feet up. So there I am, laying on the floor, just barely out of the hallway, sweaty, pale, shaky, still a little confused and surrounded by military men. I'm thinking there are worse things to wake up to. ;) Apparently fainting is a fairly common side effect to the dye injection. Who knew (well, they did).

I think I laid on the floor for a good 10 minutes before I felt normal enough to try sitting. At this point I was mostly just embarrassed and I really had to pee. We wheeled down to the bathroom in the MRI area and we sat outside the bathroom forever and I thought we were waiting for someone to come out but then I realized they didn't want me getting up and fainting in the bathroom. I made Manny come in with me anyway, just in case.

Everything after that went pretty smoothly I mostly just felt a little weak for the rest of the day. Oh, and my hip was super sore from all the junk they had pumped in it. I've never really passed out like that before and I have to say, it's not an experience I'd care to repeat. I just remember being so confused when I woke up. It's like I was seeing all these images but my brain could not process them. Oh well, at least I fainted into the very capable hands of my husband and the guys at the medical center.

Monday, July 9, 2012

We've Packed the Books, but We Keep Buying More...

This is something I haven't delved into much here. I very rarely write about books I read (though you can find my 2012 Reading List here), what products I use/like/hate/feel indifferent about. I feel like this is weird. I have lots of opinions. In real life, I share them all the time, so why not on my blog? Not sure. Just haven't...yet. :)

I figured I'd start with some mini-book reviews. I've actually been doing a good bit of reading lately which makes me very happy. :) Since this is the extent to which I've written about the books I've been reading, I'm just going to highlight a few of my favorites. :)

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
Genre: biography, science
I loved this book. It was a tough/serious read and there was some pretty technical language. There were a times where it read a little like a textbook but the story is so amazing that it really doesn't matter. If you are human you need to read this book. Just sayin'.

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
Genre: young adult fiction, adventure, science fiction
OMG. I loved all of them. And I hate when books are fads and people only read them because they're turning into movies. But for these, I don't care. I don't even care that they're techically YA. I found each one to be exciting and engaging and omgicantgetenough. And, no. I don't have a favorite. I guess I'll have to re-read them to decide. ;)

The Witness by Nora Roberts
Genre: romance
I love romance novels. If that's not ok,...well you don't have to read them. :) This was a single title that came out this year that my sister gave me for my birthday. I finished it in about 2 days. It was kind of a mystery/adventure/awesome. It's hard for me to find a Nora Roberts book I don't like but this one quickly became one of my favorites.

Right now I'm reading two books at once, which I've never done before except when I get bored with one and put it down, usually never to pick it up again. So that doesn't really count. But this time I went to Half Price Books, bought three books and was just so excited I couldn't read just one. But now it takes me twice as long to get to sleep because I have two books to read. ;) I guess I'd better go get started....

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Random Thoughts for the Day

You may have noticed I was 8 days late posting my July goals and that they weren't that exciting anyway. I actually wrote that post several days ago but lots of things have happened and I never did make it to the computer to post it. Manny was home for a week between a couple stints of training, so of course that didn't leave much time for blogging. In addition to packing and going to the pool and packing some more, we went to the Dayton Air Show on Saturday. Somehow we ended up with these really awesome tickets that allowed us access to a "chalet" with "air-conditioning", chairs, food, drink, and a non-porta-potty bathroom! We would have gone and had fun regardless but having someplace to cool off and a real bathroom to use was really clutch since it was 103 outside.

I'm starting to feel a little ovewhelmed by the fact that we're moving really soon. I mean, it's not like this is breaking news or anything. It's just the fact that when you're moving across the country (or at least halfway) there are so many things that need to happen in tandem. I've forgotten how nerve wracking it can be to try and coordinate everything. I guess all I can do is try and have all my little ducks in a row and deal with whatever comes our way. :)

In unrelated news, I dumped coffee on my computer a couple weeks ago. Not intentionally, of course. I tried using denatured alcohol to clean it today, but it is still quite sticky. It runs ok, but if I didn't have it hooked up to a separate monitor and keyboard I don't think I'd be typing this because several keys and the spacebar still stick. I guess for now I'll just keep it hooked up here until I decide whether or not to file a claim and replace it. :/ I do love my old school MacBook though. Sigh.

That's all for now. I'm off to prepare for my last week of work! (yikes!)

July Goals

1. Finish packing the house.
2. Move to Nebraska.

Ok. I think that's enough for now. ;) Especially since it's 8 days late....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June Goal Review

So I'm a little late. What's new?...

1. Have an awesome time when my dad and brother visit. Check! and CHECK! We had a great time! You can read about it here!
2. Create and get started on my Big Giant Moving List. Kind of waited a little longer than I anticipated on this one. But it's done now and you can read about it here!
3. Find a way to exercise that doesn't hurt my hip. Ok, so I didn't really find anything that doesn't hurt my hip. Even too much walking hurts these days. BUT, I did go to the doctor and get the OK to exercise (within reason) until my next appointment/scan. You can also read about that here.

The good news is, I've actually been doing some blogging this month! I really miss it when I'm gone and realized I have to make time to sit down and do it. Gone are the days when I veg out on the sofa while writing a post. I just can't seem to get my mind to focus like that. I'm sure I'll get more sporadic as we get closer to the move, but until then, I'll try to keep up! :)

Did you set goals for the month? How did you do?!