Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Goal Review

Well the end of September just snuck right on up there didn't it? I can't even remember when I last looked at my goals. Ah well.

1. Read 3 books.
I've been reading the same book all month. But it's not one you blow through. It's a ponderous sort of book. :)

2. Update my photo blog daily. (rather than getting behind and backdating :/ )
Uh, yeah. I might have JUST gotten finished putting up some photos from the weekend...oops

3. Try a new recipe (and blog about it!).
Totally forgot about this one.

4. Finish unpacking my office.
Sigh. I am just one big fail this month.

5. Try one new restaurant (and blog about it!).
I did actually go to a new restaurant for a work meeting, but I didn't blog about it. But I'm still counting it complete!

6. Ride over 100 miles on my bike.
I did! I rode just over 104 miles!

7. Write some letters.
I wrote one. That's "some." ;)

8. Bake something, anything.
Sadly, no. But the weather is getting cooler by the day so I'm sure I'll be even more inspired.

Ok, so I kind of forgot about my goals this month. I've been working hard at my new job and trying to keep my house in order and trying to keep unpacking. Hopefully I'll have better luck next month.

Did you set goals this month? How did you do?!

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Friday, September 28, 2012

better than what?

I've been talking a lot lately about doing/being "better." Well, I've been thinking about it a lot and Manny mostly listens when I talk about it. ;) I've been talking about doing better work. Being a better writer/blogger. Getting in better shape. Eating better. Blah blah blah.

A lot of times I get overly excited when I think about bettering myself or my habits but then I get nervous because I get "being better" confused with "being perfect."

Here's how it goes in my head:

I really want to eat better. I'd better start eating all organic stuff and no carbs and no Diet Coke.
...3 days later...
OMG THIS IS TOO HARD I CAN'T DO IT!!! <insert pasta/Diet Coke/Reese's binge>

Something I've learned this time around is that you have to "do better" just a little at a time. And "doing better" does not mean being perfect. I'm not sure when I decided I wouldn't even try if I wasn't perfect right away. That's no way to go about doing things. Since when was anyone perfect at anything right away?

Right. Anyway. What I've decided is to just go about my day trying to do each thing a little better than I did yesterday.

For example:
Yesterday I left all my clothes on the floor when I changed after work. Today I will put them away immediately.

Does this make my house instantly spotless? Heck no. Does it make my bedroom perfectly clean and organized? No. But it's definitely a step in the right direction.

To get back to the title. The only person you need to be better than is yesterday's you. Don't compare yourself to others, that will only end in sadness and disappointment. I always have this feeling that if I'm not doing better than everyone or being the best, it's just not good enough.

So. Not. True.

Friday, September 21, 2012

quarter-life malaise

I've really struggled with whether or not to write about this. I may have mentioned it here and there with a sentence or two but I've never truly addressed it. (Not on the blog at least.)

I think I'm experiencing quarter-life malaise. I don't know if it's a "real thing" or not but I'm reading this book where the author describes her experience with what she calls midlife malaise (except that I'm 26, so it's quarter life) and I was like...omg, that's me! She talks about how she has this wonderful life with this amazing husband, beautiful house, etc etc but that she wasn't truly appreciating those things. She talks about being constantly irritable and taking her wonderful family and wonderful life for granted.

I was hesitant to put this into words for several reasons:
1. I don't like airing my dirty laundry on the internet.
2. My family reads this blog and I don't want to worry them.
3. I'm afraid of what others will think.

Don't worry guys. I'm not sad, not depressed. Just experiencing a lack of motivation, lack of excitement, and lack of general optimism and positivity that used to really be a part of who I was. I don't feel bad, I just don't feel good!

So I've started this book called The Happiness Project, and have had lots of in depth talks with my awesome husband and feel like I'm on the road to getting out of this rut I'm calling my quarter-life malaise.

On of the ways I'm trying to do this is really working on myself. I'm not trying to change myself, just trying to get back to being me! I'm not the kind of girl who lazes about and doesn't do anything for days on end and yet I've been doing that a lot lately. There's a whole mess of projects to be done in my house and I just walk past them every day. I want to do them and I want to have the motivation to do them!

I expect I'll be talking about this more frequently now that my "secret" is out. There's a lot of principles I'm reading about in the book and just things I'm learning while doing this soul searching that I'd love to share.

One of the first things I rediscovered is that I love to write. That would seem pretty obvious since I have this blog but you'd be surprised how many bloggers don't actually like the writing part. Anyway, my point is that I like writing. I like writing quality posts so one of the things I want to do more of is spend time on my writing. (I've also always wanted to write a book but that's a whole other post in itself.) It's not enough for me to just slap some words on a page and call it a post. I don't get enough joy out of that. And I fear that's what I do more often than not. So one of the first things I want to do is focus on writing and really feeling good about what I've written before posting.

I'm not sure what else I'll be sharing along the journey but hopefully in the interest of working on my writing (and just sharing in general) I'll be posting quite a bit about what I'm learning and experiencing.

Ps, just in case you're concerned...I feel happier already. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

review: e.l.f. eyeliner

Remember that time I got all excited and was going to share with y'all my favorite books, products, etc...and then didn't? Well, I recently bought something that I just had to review.

I was doing some research on bargain cosmetics because this girl has come into her makeup obsession a little late in life and makeup can be ex.pen.sive! I'm not saying I regret having spent...well, a lot...on my Urban Decay eyeshadows (that I'm still obsessed with) but the frugal girl deep in my heart really wants to know if some of the bargain stuff is just as good. So anyway, I was recently doing research on good substitutes and I heard that the e.l.f. eyeliner (sold for $1 at Target) is super awesome and just as good as the expensive stuff (I think it was even specifically compared to Urban Decay). So I decided why not give it a try?! Even if it stinks, I've only wasted $1! And I've been really wanting Urban Decay's "Flipside" which is a really awesome teal. But to be 100% honest, I really don't have the expendable income to spend $19 on one eyeliner at the moment. So I decided to check out e.l.f.'s "Twinkle Teal" and see what all the fuss was about.

photo credit: e.l.f. webiste

- is a really pretty color and totally satisfied my teal eyeliner craving
- only $1
- comes with it's own sharpener

- if I had to have one, it's that you have to go over it a few times to get the true, rich teal color
- it isn't super "creamy" (the hot word in eyeliners), but that really doesn't bother me

Worth the $:
Um, yes!

In fact, I went back a couple nights later and bought the purple, a shimmery black, and a liquid gold sparkly one. Because, hey, they're only $1. :)

Do you have any bargain brands that you love even more or just as much as the expensive stuff?! I'd love to hear about it!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for reviewing this product. I'm just SUPER excited about my eyeliner. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

omaha bucket list update

In case you don't remember, a few weeks ago I created an Omaha Bucket List. There's still not much on there but I've already done one of the things! When my mom came to town we went berry picking at the Bellevue Berry Farm. I wish I had taken more pictures and of the ones I did take, this is the only one worth sharing.

As you can tell from the watermark, this picture first made it's appearance on my 365 blog. We had an awesome time and next spring/summer I'd really like to make berry picking at the farm a more regular occurrence.

What kinds of fun local stuff have y'all done lately?

Friday, September 7, 2012

September Goals

About time, right? Sigh. Things have been a little busy, but you know that because it's pretty much all I talk about whenever I do get around to blogging. But anyway, let's do some September goals.

1. Read 3 books.
2. Update my photo blog daily. (rather than getting behind and backdating :/ )
3. Try a new recipe (and blog about it!).
4. Finish unpacking my office.
5. Try one new restaurant (and blog about it!).
6. Ride over 100 miles on my bike!
7. Write some letters!
8. Bake something, anything.

Ok, I think that's enough for now. ;)

And in case you missed it, I started a 365 photo blog, you should check it out. :) And subscribe to it. Please? :)

Alright, that's enough begging for one day. :)

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In: 9/7/12

Wow. It's been a minute since I've done one of these. I figured I'd jump back onboard because I haven't found any new milspouse blogs lately and, well, it's nice to connect. :)

1. What's one thing in the past month you would have changed? Hm. I let myself get a little too stressed out/overwhelmed with all the craziness of moving and settling into a new place. This is hardly our last move so I need to learn to just roll with it. Ps, it's really ironic that I could.not.wait. to leave Ohio and then freaked when we moved. C'est la vie, I guess.

2. What was your favorite thing that happened in August? Moving into our new house. I know it's ironic but I LOVE this house!

3. What did you do to celebrate Labor Day? My mom came to town!!! And left far too soon even though she was here for like 4 days. :)

4. What do you HAVE to have handy by your bedside? Phone. It's my alarm clock, flashlight, and regular clock. ;)

5. What are you looking forward to in September? Cooler weather! I'm sure when winter comes I'll be complaining about the cold but right now I'm ready for it to cool down a bit.

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday!!!

Ps, as always, linked up with Wife of a Sailor.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

August Goal Review

Oh, is it Septemer? When did that happen? Oh well, here's my goal review anyways...

1. Move into our new house.

2. Unpack all boxes. (I traditionally have a problem with this.)
Ok, so it hasn't happened yet but I'm doing way better than usual!

3. Check out the bike path that's this close to the house.
Done! I've ridden 94 miles since we got here!

4. Find a job.

5. Play with the dogs in their new yard.
Done and done!

6. Scope out where to put next year's vegetable garden.
Done! But I'm not sure I've made a final decision yet.

7. Bake in my new kitchen.
Unless you count a few recipes that include crescent rolls (from the can) and call themselves, I have not baked in my new kitchen. But fall is coming and I'm sure the boys in Manny's office will need some tasty treats!

8. Wash clothes in my awesome new washer and dryer. 
If I hadn't done this yet, I think we'd all be a little concerned. I think I've done approximately 1234089128 loads of laundry. ;)

9. Watch the Olympics.
Yeah we did! We watched more TV during the Olympics than we had in months!

10. Take the dogs for a walk in the park near the house.
Yeah, they have a yard. Walks are no longer a huge priority because they get TONS of exercise in the yard.

Did y'all make August goals? How did you do?

If you're curious, here's my original August Goals post.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

things that have been happening lately

I cannot corral my brain or thoughts enough this evening to conjure up a real blog post. So you will get a random series of updates. Sound good? I hope so. ;)

1. My mom came to visit over Labor Day weekend. It was a lot of fun and I kind of wish she was still here.

2. We're making awesome progress on the house and I really need to take some pictures.

3. My dogs L.O.V.E. having a yard to run around in.

4. We bought flowers. And we planted them. And they're awesome. I need to take pictures.

5. There are two giant creepy spiders living near the front of my house but I'm too scared to kill them myself. Maybe I'll ShopVac them tomorrow...

I think that's all for now. Maybe eventually I'll get back to posting fun projects and recipes and cool things I did that day. ;)