Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm Back!!!

I did something a little crazy. Try to hide your surprised face. I completely scrapped my 'new' blog. Well, it wasn't really new anymore. Truth be told I'd been writing there for about 2 years but it never really felt like home. Every time I wrote there I felt like I was trying to keep up some sort of image. I felt like it needed to be bloggy, Pinterest-y, search engine-y perfection. And that made it not fun, and kind of boring.

Then a couple weeks ago during a wine-fueled revelation, I decided to scrap it and come back to my roots. And what are my roots, you ask? This perfect, lovely, totally me little blog! Here I feel like I can write what I want and be who I am and not worry about anything else.

What am I going to be writing about, you ask!? Whatever I damn well please! With my old blog I kept thinking I should narrow down a niche to make sure I appealed to a specific audience but with this one it really doesn't matter. Of course it would be nice if people want to read my blog, but I'd rather them read it for my voice and fun posts than for tips and tricks specific to a niche.

I should also share that when I first started the My Everyday Life Blog (the blog I just scrapped), my dad emailed me almost immediately and told me he didn't like it and that I should go back to my old one. As usual, I should have listened. ;)