Thursday, September 17, 2015

Goal Review

Last week I posted some goals because I decided it would be easier to set goals by the week rather than by the month like I used to. And in the interest of trying to be better about not completely ignoring my blog after one post every three months, here's a review!

1. Start on the tag blanket owl for my niece. If by start on you mean buy supplies and sketch out a pattern, then yes.
2. Write/schedule one blog post for next week.
3. Exercise 2 times.
4. Make exercise plan for next week.
5. Make meal plan for next week.
6. Take at least one photo worthy of sharing on the blog. 

Alright, I'll take 50%. I mean, I do have a 2 month old to take care of. ;) 

Did you set goals recently? How did it go?

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