Friday, September 25, 2015

Right now I am...

...writing this post at 10:07 because I keep wanting to write but keep forgetting/not have enough time so here I am.

...going to bed with spit-up in my hair. Yes, it's gross but it's only a little and I promise I'll wash it tomorrow morning. #momlife

...kind of wishing I'd cleaned up a little more today but there's always tomorrow.

...trying to brainstorm photo ideas for some blog headers but am having photo-block (like writer's block for photography? I don't know, I'm working on it).

...SO EXCITED that my step-mom will be here for a short visit the day after tomorrow.

...not excited that I go back to work super soon. Bye bye maternity leave and spending all day with the cutest kid on earth. (I swear I'm not biased, he freaking adorable.)

...desperately wanting a cup of coffee but really don't want to be up all night. But it's surely on the agenda for first thing tomorrow morning.

...just remembered that I already forgot about my 100 Happy Days challenge thing. I may have even skipped 2 days. I'm really good at this.

...going to bed because I'm obviously delirious.

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