Friday, August 21, 2015

One Month In

Oh hi again. So I had a baby. Yep. That happened. He's a month old now and I still can't believe he's actually here. The last time I posted I was 36 weeks pregnant and little did I know that just two weeks later my little guy would arrive! My darling son was born at 38 weeks 2 days and I am currently trying to get as much enjoyment and relaxation out of my maternity leave as possible. However, I think I grossly underestimated how much 'relaxing' I would be doing during this time. I mean, I obviously knew I'd be caring for a newborn but I honestly had no concept of what that really meant until he arrived.

Either way, now that he's a month old (again OMG how did that happen so fast!??!) I feel like I sort of have a grip on life (not really but let's pretend). Until tomorrow when everything changes and I have no idea what I'm doing again. ;) Even though there's still a lot of trial and error involved, I'd like to share some of the things I've learned over the last month.

1. Your newborn owns you. Don't think you're going to do anything other than care for that baby's every need, whether that be feeding him every hour and a half because omggrowthspurt or changing his diaper 3 times in 10 minutes because there's nothing this kid loves more than a blank canvas for a nice big poop. You are at the mercy of his every newborn whim. Thank god babies are so cute. ;)

2. You will lose track of days. Just surrender. For the first 4ish weeks, I had only a vague concept of what the date was and absolutely no concept of days of the week. Today I know it's Friday, and I consider that a win.

3. Your kid may or may not use Newborn sized clothes and diapers for 5 minutes. Everyone told me I would not need newborn sized anything because they'll grow out of it in 3 seconds but let me tell you something, my one month old is only just growing out of his Newborn sized diapers and clothes. Like I literally only moved the 0-3 month sized clothes to the front of his closet this week.

4. Lanolin. And Aquaphor. That is all.

5. I'm still me. One of the things that scared me the most about becoming a mom was that I'd lose myself. I know I'm only one month in, but even though my son is basically the most awesome tiny human ever I am still....super excited about the new Naked palette...excited when I actually get the chance to do my hair and makeup (which I did today, holla!)...using the few quiet spare moments I have to start blogging excited to be able to start jogging and cycling again (hopefully) soon.