Friday, September 25, 2015

Right now I am...

...writing this post at 10:07 because I keep wanting to write but keep forgetting/not have enough time so here I am.

...going to bed with spit-up in my hair. Yes, it's gross but it's only a little and I promise I'll wash it tomorrow morning. #momlife

...kind of wishing I'd cleaned up a little more today but there's always tomorrow.

...trying to brainstorm photo ideas for some blog headers but am having photo-block (like writer's block for photography? I don't know, I'm working on it).

...SO EXCITED that my step-mom will be here for a short visit the day after tomorrow.

...not excited that I go back to work super soon. Bye bye maternity leave and spending all day with the cutest kid on earth. (I swear I'm not biased, he freaking adorable.)

...desperately wanting a cup of coffee but really don't want to be up all night. But it's surely on the agenda for first thing tomorrow morning.

...just remembered that I already forgot about my 100 Happy Days challenge thing. I may have even skipped 2 days. I'm really good at this.

...going to bed because I'm obviously delirious.

Monday, September 21, 2015

How to Save Money: Lazy Couponing and Money Saving Apps

I've written before on how to actually save money using coupons without spending your whole life pouring over circular ads. And here's the truth: I'm a lazy couponer. I am not one of those people who can go to Target and buys $147 worth of stuff for $12. Those people generally spend a lot of time planning those trips and I am not willing to sacrifice what little free time I have pouring over grocery ads and coupon websites. I also don't want to have to run to 5 different stores just to get what I need. However, I am a big believer in saving money wherever I can and am a sucker for a good deal (or a good clearance section). So for those of you who want to save a few bucks, but can't afford to or don't want to spend hours and hours matching up the perfect deal with the perfect coupons, check out these apps and tricks!

I love coupon apps. Most of us spend too much time on our phones mindlessly flipping through stuff, whether it be Facebook, news, Twitter or whatever. Why not put that time to use! I personally am a mindless Facebook flipper. I will check Facebook 5 times in 20 minutes and not remember one thing I saw. Why not use that time to save a little money!? Here are a few of my favorites.


This app is only for Target. Fortunately for me (or them), I spend half my life at Target. You can use this app a couple different ways. You can scroll through all the current offers at your leisure to see if there's any reason for you to even go to Target or you can use the app to scan items you're buying while you're there to see if there's an offer available. I try to use both methods. Once a week or so I'll scan all the offers to see if there's a sale on something I've been waiting for (like clothes or specific laundry detergent) but also whenever I'm at the store I scan the items with my phone as I put them in my cart to make sure I don't miss any deals! I've saved a total of $105.80 in under 21 months using this app (the app even keeps track of your savings for you which I love). The very best part is I would have been buying all of this anyway so it is (for me) true savings!

Savings Catcher

This app is for Walmart only and it's actually just part of the Wal-Mart app (unlike Cartwheel which is its own app). This is another app that truly helps you save money on what you're already buying. After you shop at Wal-Mart, just scan your receipt with the app and it searches local ads and if a competitor beats Wal-Mart's price, they give you the difference. The money can be put on a Wal-Mart eGiftCard or loaded onto an American Express Bluebird card. I haven't saved nearly as much money with this but I don't shop at Wal-Mart as often (I go to the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market for groceries about 50% of the time and the commissary on base the other half of the time). But I have gotten back $16.17 in about one year. It's not much but I have literally put almost no effort into getting this money which means my rate of return for my minimal effort is huge. :)

I used to use this just as a website but recently realized that they have an app (also available on iPad)! This is the best for turning my mindless internet surfing into something productive. While I'm watching TV or relaxing before bed, I'll scroll through the coupons and when I'm done I can have it send me an email so I can print the coupons out later. So easy!

I know what you're thinking, Amazon isn't exactly a coupon or money saving app but let me explain! Before I buy anything that is not a regular purchase, I check the price on Amazon. If it's not cheaper on Amazon, no harm done. If it is, a lot of retailers now match Amazon prices (as long as it's sold and shipped by and if they don't, I just buy it from Amazon. If you don't have Amazon Prime, the shipping cost may factor into your decision as well, but since I do have Prime shipping is free. And I know Prime looks expensive from the get go but I have saved way more than the $75 membership fee each year.

Do you have any "easy" ways to save money? Please share!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Goal Review

Last week I posted some goals because I decided it would be easier to set goals by the week rather than by the month like I used to. And in the interest of trying to be better about not completely ignoring my blog after one post every three months, here's a review!

1. Start on the tag blanket owl for my niece. If by start on you mean buy supplies and sketch out a pattern, then yes.
2. Write/schedule one blog post for next week.
3. Exercise 2 times.
4. Make exercise plan for next week.
5. Make meal plan for next week.
6. Take at least one photo worthy of sharing on the blog. 

Alright, I'll take 50%. I mean, I do have a 2 month old to take care of. ;) 

Did you set goals recently? How did it go?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Goals for the Rest of This Week

I used to make monthly goals, but for months and months on end, when I would come back to review how I'd done on my goals the month previous, I would find that I had forgotten all about them and had therefore not completed a single one. I eventually stopped personal goal setting altogether because I never had anything to show for it at the end of the month. BUT I'm a very goal oriented person and really need the excitement of checking a box or crossing something off a list to excite me. So in order to ease myself back into the goal setting mindset (and to start getting some crap done), I've decided to try weekly goals at first and see if I can handle that a little better. ;)

I'm also trying to jump back on the fitness bandwagon. I've been off and on ever since I got the okay from my OB a few weeks ago to resume normal exercise. I went for walks with my son almost every day and then for some reason skipped a couple of days and fell completely off the wagon. I was also doing really well with eating right and tracking my calories and then we had a visitor from out of town, which always means more indulgent food in our house, and fell off the wagon with that as well. So, it is time. I go back to work in just over 4 weeks and I would really like to fit into/feel good about my work clothes. And I am not all about buying a completely new wardrobe in a bigger size.

Another area I'm trying to ease back into is my hobbies. Before having my son all of my time was my own. Now there's a tiny person who depends on me for his every need. Apparently that takes a lot of time. ;) I've been just barely managing to do the daily upkeep on my house (laundry, dishes, etc) but I think with a little more effort towards time management and realizing that all of the chores do not need to be done right this very second, I can bring my hobbies back as well. 

Ok, now that I've rambled on and on about all the things I have and haven't been are my goals for the rest of the week.

1. Start on the tag blanket owl for my niece.
2. Write/schedule one blog post for next week.
3. Exercise 2 times.
4. Make exercise plan for next week.
5. Make meal plan for next week.
6. Take at least one photo worthy of sharing on the blog. 

I think that's plenty seeing as how it's already Wednesday night. Here goes!